I caved

After trying to knit on DPN’s for the past couple of weeks and just not being able to do it I am going to have a private lesson next week. Every new project I want to take on requires DPN’s and at this point it’t the principal of the whole thing that I learn. Following class will be on Entralac. I gave it my best shot but I’m tired of saying bad words and looking at knots on needles! :verysad:

I’m sorry you couldn’t do it on your own. I think you’re doing the right thing to call in the experts.

Enjoy the “professional” instruction!! :hug:

Don’t feel bad. I was working on a certain sweater that Shall Not Be Named, and it was giving me a lot of trouble. I have done plenty of sweaters, but this one was Pure Evil.

I took a lesson to fix it, and the mistakes I had made were “hiding in plain sight”. I had been working with the sweater so long, I never would have seen them myself, even after letting the thing sit in the corner by itself for a few weeks to think about what it had done wrong (more than once).

The cool part was that I learned a lot just by watching the teacher do “forensics” on my sweater - she basically had to dissect the neckline to find out what killed it! Plus, I got a lot of confidence from the experience.I had half expected her to say, “Maybe you’d like to go back to making scarves for a while”.

DPNs are the strangest things anyway. The first time I used them I had zero problem and made two cell phone holders in a flash. Then six months later I picked them up again and god help me I couldn’t get it. At one point I found myself knitting on the INSIDE of my project. And every time I would try to pull the work right side out, I would somehow STILL be working on the inside. I frogged and started over, and within a few inches, I was on the inside AGAIN.

Right now I am working on this http://cache.lionbrand.com/patterns/1190AD.html which I have to brag about because it is both beautiful (so I want to finish) and killing me slowly. I am on the third color and I keep goofing up somewhere that requires me to keep redoing that third color. Tonight might be the night ladies and gentlemen. Point is, it starts with 8sts on DPNs, then you k2, M1 for the first round, k3, M1 for the third round, etc.

I was CERTAIN that I had twisted my sts and undid it I can’t tell you how many times. Finally I just kept going even though I was sure it was ruined and wouldn’t work, but at a certain point it got big enough for me to tell that it was fine. Of course, as soon as I get through the 3rd color, I get to swap out to a short circs, and I can hardly wait (which may be why I keep sabotoging that third color and having to frog back).

DH is famous for saying “you aren’t born with the knowledge”. I love that saying! (though if you ask me, he WAS born knowing math and that just isn’t fair!) We do this for fun, and at a certain point struggling with something that you are absolutely capable of isn’t fun. So you find someone to help you over the hump and you are smooth sailing for a longtime afterwards.

I am actually going to try DPNs again. I couldn’t get them the first time I tried them. So…yeah.
The first project I take on with them shall be my first pair of socks.

sigh Yes. Support and tips would be greatly appreciated.

I can’t even pick out the right yarn for the socks. Any help there? xD

Don’t feel bad~ I think you are making a wise investment. :happydance: If you love something and you know you will use the skills over and over againit’s an investment.~ Professional atheletes, musicians, and other professionals constantly learn new skills~!! :cheering: :cheering: !!
I took the beginning knitting class TWICE at Michaels~! :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: I thought I finally had it the 1st time~! LOL. I got home the first time and I was CO on wrong… I was CO and somehow or another I had my CO so tight I couldn’t knit the first row… EVER~!
Got up the nerve to take a 2nd time ( six months later~ b/c school) and there were 2 of us in class. i was naturally the slow one~! :roflhard: :roflhard: But I kept on keepin on as they say
:roflhard: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:

Thank you all for the encouragement! It really makes me feel better. I was feeling exactly that I was going to be sentenced to scarves the rest of my life. Not that there is anything wrong with scarves, I knit over a dozen last year but darn it, I want to knit socks! :slight_smile:

You didn’t cave, you went on. You weren’t going to let those darn things win and for that you get a :cheering: . What amazes me about classes is that I go in for one thing and learn about a dozen others to boot. It will be fun and you can blow raspberries at the needles.

For the inside out stuff just make sure you keep the stitches you are knitting closest to you and the rest away from you. You can push the project through the needles and get back on track. You DH is a sweetie. And your afgan pattern is beautiful.

It’s okay! I have known how to knit since I was a little girl and I had to go get help to learn how to make simple longies! Luckily I didn’t have to pay, i just found a really fun knitting group and people are more than willing to help! Good luck!

Kathy, have fun at your lesson! I love learning a new knitting skill, it’s so easy to transfer to any other project! Good luck!!!