I can't work out this pattern panel



Hi there. I managed to find this lovely pattern at the Red Cross book sale in my town a couple months ago and finally managed to get the yarn to do it! I started on the back, finished up the ribbing and then started the lace panel pattern. However I seem to have run into some trouble on it. For starters, the ‘work y.fwd, K1 twice’ (Row 3, panel pattern 71) is confusing me a little as it’s set out differently to what seems to be a similar thing in row 1 - (y.fwd, K1) 4 times. Along with that I always end up finishing the panel row 3 a few stitches before the end of the previous row. I’ve gone over and over the pattern heaps but I cannot for the life of me work it out. I’ve been knitting for about 8 years now but I’m only 16 so I haven’t been doing the difficult stuff for that long. It’s a big ask I know, but I was wondering if anyone could help out with this? I’m making it for a friend who’s gotten me through some really tough times and I’d hate to give up on it. It’s a Patons pattern so it should work and I must just be doing something wrong, I just can’t figure out what. Any help would be so so so appreciated.


Hi, For the back,it looks like you will continue the ribbing either side of the ‘lace panel pattern 71’ yes? After the ribbed welt and changing needles the pattern says to continue in rib and place the lace panel as follows:1st row (RS) Rib (the amount of stitches indicated for the size you are making), then you work the lace panel pattern 71 ROW 1 across the center back sts and then rib the last corresponding amount of stitches.Row 2 is: rib the ribbed stitches, then work row 2 of the lace panel, then rib the last sts. There are 8 rows to the lace pattern so you will continue ribbing the first and last (x amount) of stitches and working the lace pattern rows in between.
For the Yarn forward instructions, pay particular attention to where the , commas and brackets are positioned!! Row 1’s (y’fwd, k1)4 times is different to row 3’s , work y’fwd , K1 twice , (this is what I’m reading from my screen - it could be just a dirty smudge!! lol :))
Take your time with it and you should be able to work it out, it’s a lovely thing you are doing making this for your friend :heart:


Thank you so much, I think I’ve got what you mean for it? Is the pattern then essentially saying to do yfwd, K2 in row 3?


Okay, I’ve borrowed a better tablet that zooms in closer and ,with this, the line in row 3 reads [k4,k3tog,k1,work y.fwd. K1 twice, p2, k1,work y.fwd. K1 twice, and so on. There is no comma between the y.fwd and the k1 so, l would say it is a yf k1 x 2 as you thought first of all. My apologies, with my screen that dot after the fwd looked like a comma!!
I’m going to find some scrap wool and have a go of the lace panel section to see if I can make any sense of it. I’ll let you know, wish me luck :grin:


I have found an error in row 3 :grinning:
If you look at the photo you posted above, at the last instruction after the yf,k1 x 2, the following K2 tog should read K 3 tog tbl. I’ve worked the rest of the pattern rows for 1 full pattern repeat and all is fine.
Good luck with your project, take your time and all should go well. Post a pic of your progress, it will be lovely to see how you get on :smiley:


Oh my goodness thank you so so much!!! I can’t wait to pick this back up again it’s been sitting in my cupboard off and on for a week (partly cos I didn’t know what to do and partly because school work ahaha). I’ll be more than happy to post progress if you want to see, you deserve that and more for helping. Thank you so so much!!!


Only a tiny update hehe but I thought I’d let you know that I finished row 3 alright and nearly cried :joy: thank you so so much


Nearly two pattern repeats done as of last night! It’s looking absolutely marvellous oh my goodness. Maybe it’s just cos I haven’t done much lace but I’m oddly proud that my hands have produced something this pretty… :blush:


You should feel proud, this is going to be fabulous :clap::clap::clap: Very well done :smiley:


Beautifully done!


The first ball is all done now! I’m really liking how the colours are coming out! :heart_eyes:


You’re fairly flying along!!
The colours are fabulous and the pooling has turned out very pretty. This is going to be such a beautiful top and you are doing a wonderful job with it, Brava!!


I love that pooling as well, it’s subtle but looks wonderful! And well done on making it this far. I get a bit lost doing stuff like this sometimes.


(please excuse the variety of objects holding it flat ahahaha)

A little bit of the way into the third ball and the back is done!! At some point between finishing the first ball and getting to halfway through the second I managed to memorise the pattern which is probably the reason this has gone so much quicker than I expected. I’m super super happy with it I must say - may the front go just as well!!


What lovely work! The front should fairly fly now that you’ve memorized the pattern and it should be fun at the same time. Enjoy.


Absolutely GORGEOUS :star_struck: