I can't sleep

someone entertain me

sleep, in the middle of the day!

Ten minutes before mid-day here! I am surfing and knitting and my kids are eating breakfast! :smiley:

Oh, Hildie! I wondered why I was seeing your name so early!! :heart:

Have you checked out the fug on “you knit what” lately? It entertains me for hours–even old fug!

I’m still up myself. This could be attributed to the fact that I work nights and therefore my schedule is all wonky, or that I’m currently in the middle of a mild-but-annoying-and-unprovoked panic attack, or both. But I’m feeling you.

Sorry, that was more depressing than entertaining. But because I’m a killjoy and a narcissist and I like it when people pay attention to me I will not delete it, just ask that people not let me so obviously hijack the thread.

Back to my fetching.