i cant seem to get this one right

IDK if I can get this right by hand knitting. The pattern doesnt look right when I knit by hand but I do not have a machine. Any tips? This pattern is my mount Everest

I have the size needles required but it is hard to work with needles so small.

This is really a lovely coat but not easy at 30sts/4" and mid-calf length. The small size needles do take getting used to but with patience, you can get it done. It may help to alternate working on it with another project that has a bit larger gauge.
Have you tried washing and blocking your swatch? What doesn’t look right about the pattern?


Hmm, by that do you mean that you are knitting “it because it is there?” :grinning:

It looks lovely and adventurous. I hope you conquer it.


I really like the design, but I have modified it slightly.