I can't seem to be able to hold the smaller needles

Hi, I have been knitting a lot of items lately on US 8 and needles.
Now I need to go down to a 2. I am having such a difficult time holding the needles.
Does anyone have a suggestion on how to get my hands used to the smaller needles?

While it is the boring answer, I think the best way is to just knit and let the body find ways to hold them. When we do things over a longer time the body adjusts to the circumstances.


Lookup “soft gel grip pencil pillows” they can be used to make Crochet Hook Grips, you might be able to make a sliding “fat” part on your working needle to hold. They are on my list of things to try.


My piano teacher taught me that perfect practice makes perfect. Not practice makes perfect, but perfect practice makes perfect…so, analyze your system in use as you drop to those skinny needles…remember, also, that there are smaller yet needles out there, too. Oh, my!!

I’m not that good a pianist, really, but this taught me to look past the pain of practicing to the point I ‘got it’…I would have ‘quit’, otherwise.

So, grab those size 2 (two) needles with a practice swatch…not on your project…and knit for 5 (five) minutes a day, put it away, get it back out the next day, practice for 6 (six) minutes…see where this is going?

**New concepts may not work for an individual quickly…so, don’t quit…push it a little one day, a little more the next day…as described above…and see where it leads.

Types of yarn on types of needles don’t always mix…I’d make sure your size two needles is set up with the correct weight yarn, too…baby weight yarn, probably…read the yarn label.

Wood needles, also seem to be easier to work with for some folks…that yarn doesn’t slide as easily some say…

Knit on, my friend!! ((:

After that, keep on keeping on, eh?

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Such awesome advice!! Thank you!