I Can't See The Videos

I can’t see the videos and I hav updated to the latest version of Media Player…has anyone else had this problem and if so can it be remedied.

They’ve always shown fine for me, they have some tips on the home page though :slight_smile:

This is a common problem. Amy is in the process of updating them now so they will be more reliable.

I’m not sure what kind of help you need, but here are some links to check out.

These aren’t nearly as comprehensive as the videos here, but may help.
Knitting at Noon videos

These are just drawing, but they are very clear and easy to understand.
Lion Brand - Learn to knit

And you can always ask for help in the How-To-Questions forum for additional help.

It might depend on your internet connection. I can’t view the videos when I’m connected to the forum, but if I save to my desktop and view them after I log off I have no problem. I have a dial-up connection and I’m happy with it except when it comes to videos. :shrug: