I can't see responses!

This just happened yesterday and it won’t go away. I posted a question and on the “replies” list I see I have some replies. When I click on my question to see the responses they don’t show up. It doesn’t matter whether I’m signed in or not.:wall::hair:
Why is this happening? Can someone with techie skills help please? Thank you!!!:hug:

Oh no! Sheldon is away for the weekend, but I’ll let him know anyway. My first inclination is to have you restart your browser or restart your computer, but since you had the same problem yesterday maybe you already did that? Try clearing your cache, too. Beyond that I’m at a loss. :shrug:

Hopefully someone will be able to help.:hug:

You didn’t give the secret handshake that allows you to see responses. :teehee:
Just kidding, hope you get it solved.

whew! I can see the replies to this topic, just not the one titled something about weaving in ends. Sorry I forgot the exact title.:aww:

My DH says we need to reformat.

I think you just need to clear your internet browser cache. What browser are you using?

Explorer. I’m using Windows XP.

Read this page and follow the directions… see if that helps. Good luck! :slight_smile:

I have tried to find the answer to this also. I don’t know how to see if someone responded to a question I may have asked in a thread that I did not start. Can you tell me how??
Thank you!
P.S. I will have to remember the name of this thread and come back later and see if you answered. That is how I have been doing it and it frustrating!!!

Clean your glasses.

This would be my suggestion as well. Normally you shouldn’t need to, but if something is mis-configured in your browser it might not be seeing the most recent copies if the forum pages and is instead showing you the pages that your web browser has saved (cached). You might want to check to see what behavior your cache is set to in IE:


Ideally the cache setting should be set to Automatic.

Also, there are certain download accelerator programs that claim to make your browsing experience faster and they do this by showing you only saved versions of pages you have downloaded. If you have such software installed, I would recommend disabling it and seeing if it makes any difference.