I can't knit

Today I woke up determined to knit, but I can’t do it. I’ve started over several times, and, I haven’t knit more than 10 rows without dropping a stitch.

Has this ever happened to you?


Andres, I was an accomplished crocheter, but couldn’t knit until I learned the continental method. Keeping the tension even seems much easier and I only occasionally drop stitches. However learning to correct mistakes as you go along is wonderful for building your confidence as I find lack of confidence causes stress in the hands which leads to mistakes. I found the book “Knit Fix” by Lisa Kartus to be invaluable because it covers fixing all different kinds of mistakes in a way that is very easy to understand and learn.

Hi! :waving:

This sort of thing has happened to me in more than one area. I paint, write and knit and invariably I have those “un-inspired” moments.

For painting, I watch instructional technique tapes and soon find myself itching to pick up the brushes.

For writing, the answer is to just write. Even if uninspired, and even if most of what I write ends up edited out, just letting the universe know I’m determined will help me punch through the block.

As far as knitting, if I’m having the kind of situation you describe, I set it aside and take awhile to go do something else creative, if it’s only sorting out a sock drawer! When I see the results of even so mundane a task, it often inspires me to continue the creativity with my knitting. The knitting is actually like a carrot on a stick!!!

Creativity can ebb and flow in any activity, but as the creators, it’s really up to us to punch through!

So good luck and happy knitting!

Ruthie :thumbsup:

You’re joking, right?

Well, in case you aren’t–almost ALL knitters make mistakes, drop stitches, etc. You just have to work slowly, don’t work when you are fatigued or frustrated. You’ll get better. Also, it’s important to know how to fix errors. If you aren’t taking a class, there are some books out, Knit Fix is one that comes to mind.

You might practice on a small square, not a large project. That way you can see your progress after each row and keep a more careful count on stitches. Also never put your knitting down in the middle of a row (unless the house is burning down). Put it down when you have finished a row.

Are you a beginner working on a big project like an afghan? I would suggest you do some practice swatches before you tackle something like that because you will become very frustrated.

Good luck, don’t give up. You’ll get it.

It seems like some of you didn’t understand what I meant. :slight_smile:

I can’t knit because I can’t concentrate.


That is Knitter’s Block and it happens to each of us. I call it loosing my Mojo. Put your project aside and do something else for a while and soon you’ll feel up to knitting again. OR just knit when it is quiet and you can concentrate completely on your knitting. OR pick a project you really want to see finished and try that, preferably something small that shows progress quickly.

Good luck!

I’ve had that happen to me… it’s almost like one day I’m knitting and knitting and the next, I am constantly tinking or frogging… Take heart, we all have those days!:hug:

Sure, it happens to all of us for one reason or another. Give it time.

That’s what I’m doing. I’m also new to knitting and even having the TV on seems to make me lose count or lose my place in what I’m doing. It’s not second nature to me yet like crochet. I’m sticking with easier patterns, something I can memorize, so there’s not so much to remember (or forget!).

Happens to everyone at some point or other.

Oooh, I’ve got it bad in the one project that needs to be done reasonably soon. It’s a NEBB knitted in the diagonal, so every row is one stitch longer than the one below. I am so close to starting to decrease, but arrrrgh. The first six inches I whipped through so quick, but that’s the same number of stitches in ONE inch now, and since the progress isn’t as visually pleasing I don’t have the same compulsion to pick it up. At least I know it will finish off fast too.

I’ve started swatching for another project that I don’t have any hurry for - it’s a nicer fiber, but quite a bit fiddly-er. So I play with that a while, and when I need something easier to pick up I go back to my garter stitch BB.

I think everyone experiences this from time to time. I’m working on a lacy sweater and have finished about 3/4 of it. I started the 2nd sleeve and keep making mistake after mistake after mistake. I had to put it down and walk away from it for awhile. I do know that I’ll pick it up in a few days and will have to rip out a good 6 rows to get back on track with the lace pattern.

I find that if I put something down for awhile when it gives me trouble and pick up something mindless, like a scarf, I can get back on track.

Good luck - it’ll work itself out.

Oh, you bet. In general, what’s worked best for me is to put down that project and either try another knitting project, or try to find another creative outlet. Today just might not be the best day to knit when your fingers are all thumbs. Your fingers will come back, though. :slight_smile:

Sorry Andres! You do need to concentrate to knit. If you can’t relax, you’re probably going to make mistakes, and yes, it does happen to other knitters. As for suggestions, that would depend on what issue is keeping you from concentrating!!!

Knittng Guy is right. It does happen to everyone. Just take a break and put in time for the extras. Then you will be ready to knit. :slight_smile: