I can't knit (for a while)

I have bronchitis.

The pneumologist told me to stop knitting (for a while), just to make sure I’m not alergic to wool.


Yikes! I would use a different yarn then so you don’t’ have to stop knitting. Feel better soon!

Hope you feel better soon. You can use synthetics for a while.

Oh, please, don’t stop knitting. There are so many synthetics out there. Get well soon and good luck.

I think you should see a different doctor … just to make sure you’re not allergic to the one who told you to stop knitting :mrgreen:

Oh, I understand how you must feel… I mean I’m allergic to nickel, so if there wasn’t wooden needles then I wouldn’t be able to knit at all and I would be so unhappy. But luckily there are! :woohoo: And as others have said there are so many synthetics out there. :cheering:

So just get back to knittings :knitting:


But, I’m not allergic to wool (not that I know of).

He just told me to stop knitting for a while. He wants to know if I’m allergic to wool :).


I agree with the others… I’d keep knitting but just not with wool… there are so so many choices and really NICE ones too…

That was funny! :roflhard:

I’m almost sure he was talking about all kinds of yarn…


I’ve heard it said that “almost” only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. :teehee: I’d call and ask to be sure. :wink:

But, dad and mom are doctors too…

…and they told me to stop knitting, too :lol: .


Ohhh well in that case I’d ask if it applied to all yarn and then stop knitting until I heard otherwise. :wink:

I’d ask if it applied to all yarn

It did :slight_smile: .