I can't knit, boo hoo

Well, I know how to but i’m just not able to for a while. Bare with me as i’m typing one-handed here. I have an electric stove and apparently it’s broken. Last night after using it i’d turned off the burners but hours later i see the little red light is still on. STUPID me places my entire hand palm down on the burner to check. Uh yup, it was hot. :doh: I have quite a few blisters, mostly it’s 1st degree burns but i can’t use that hand. Can’t make a fist and couldn’t even tie my shoes this morning let alone knit. I was in so much pain last night. :cry: This should be fun at work today. I’m mostly on the computer. Moral to the story is: if the little red light is on, YES, IT’S HOT! No need to check it! :fingerwag: I’m just feeling sorry for myself. boo hoo. Last night i found out that i can’t watch tv unless i have yarn in my hands. :verysad:

Oh no, you poor thing! I hope you heal quickly!

Oh ouch!! Sorry to hear that happend to you!

Ow! But I kind of know how you feel. I was putting a 5-gallon (40 pound) water bottle on our water cooler and got two of the fingers on my right hand pinned between the bottle and the cooler. I thought they were going to break! I had to ice them for half an hour before the swelling started to go down. Still hurting today :frowning:

Two things I remember from chemistry class, a very long time ago,

  1. Place hand at lest 6 inches above possible hot surface and move downward slowly until you confirm the temperature. If hot remove hand. If cold then you may pick it up.
  2. When first smelling an unknown substance do not place nose directly on the substance and take a deep breath. (Last week’s socks tend to ferment under the bed.)

The only problem is I have to remind myself every so often. How do I remind my self, by breaking one of the rules because I forgot it, temporarily.

Take care and be careful as your hand heals.

:hug: Oh my God. I am so sorry for your poor hand. I keep grimacing every time I think about your hand, [I]your whole[/I] [I]hand[/I], touching that burner. We’ve all been there, well, maybe not our whole hands, but parts of it…:wink: Here’s to a speedy recovery. Do you have any aloe? That really does help, just keep gooping it on and let it absorb slowly. And I think taking aspirin helps too.

You poor thing :pout: .

Many years ago when I first got married we moved into a new home we had built. The appliances were all in place and the electricity was just hooked up. I was near the stove and thought I felt some heat and like you I laid my hand on the burner. OUCH!! I know how you feel. I never made that mistake again. Sending you healing wishes. :muah:

don’t feel bad
im not usually able to knit most of the time because my wrists get tired (im on crutches) and at the end of the day they are too tired for knitting.
sometimes I get the chance to
sometimes not

:sad: :hug: oh! I used to cook to make spending money while attending University and have the unfortunate privilege of knowing what you are going through!

Seriously, if you can (and cost isn’t prohibitive/an issue) get some medical attention for that hand! I agree that aloe is amazing for the burn… since it is your whole hand there maybe better options for you and I’d hate to see you with some long term nerve damage! That’s a large area and ow-wie!

That sounds terrible. I hope you feel better soon. I’ve never done anything quite like that, but I have burned my hand on a pot, the oven rack, and a baking dish. I’ve also learned to never try to catch a falling curling iron. Did that one twice. Once with my hand and once with my stomach. Oops.

Grabbing a falling curling iron? Oh yikes! I guess that’s something you just do without thinking about it. Something’s falling, we grab. :oo: It’s better today. I can type at least. Most of the hand feels like a baaaaad sunburn. I tried knitting last night but couldn’t because the blisters are right smack where the yarn runs through my hand. Owie! It’ll be a while. Here’s hoping I learned my lesson. Bad stove! :wink: Thanks for coming to my pity party, lol.

:hug:Ouch! I hope it heals quickly

Hope it doesn’t take too long to heal.