I can't join in the round with dpns! HELP!

So I’m trying to make socks, and I’m having trouble joining my stitches. I knit the first stitch to join it, the pull it tight to make sure it doesn’t get loose, and then I continue on with the rest of my pattern. But when I complete one row and go back to that first stitch to start the second row, i see that the first stitch and the last stitch were not joined properly. There’s like…a single thread connecting them, but that’s it. At first I ignored it and just kept on knitting in the round, but after 3 rows, I noticed that the first and last stitch were not joined at all. What am I doing wrong?

I repeated this 4 times already. At first I thought it was because I pulled the tail of the cast on, and the next time I was extra careful not to touch it, but that didn’t help. I was able to join a round once, and I have no idea what I did to do it, and now I can’t do it again :frowning:

Are you just learning to use DPNs as well? I have a couple suggestions.

  1. knit flat for a few rows then join and continue. You can seam those couple rows and they’ll be barely visible.

  2. cast on one extra stitch and when you join K2tog (knit two together), one from each needle and then continue.

  3. view this page to see if she has some hints. A lot of people here learned to knit socks with these lessons.

There will only be a single thread joining them, that’s okay. How does it look if you keep on going a few more rounds?