I can't help myself- several items I've made this year

Here are some photos of stuff I’ve made over the past year or two.
(I’m still getting over putting pictures of my stuff on the internet).

This first one is from the cover of Vintage Knits by Sarah Dallas. Lace Camisole in Rowan Cotton Glace in grape and light purple. I love this one!!!

This next one is front and back of a Cowl Halter top page 23 of Trendy Knit Tops (designed by Joyce M. Wang). I can’t remember the name of the yarn. But it is a wool/acrylic blend boucle.

This one is from the same book mentioned above and is the V-neck halter on page 12 done in Lion Brand Yarn Jiffy in a blue-green color.

This one is from the same Trendy Knit Tops book, scarf halter top on page 20 done in Lion Brand yarn Jiffy in Plum.

And this last one is from Vogue Knittting, Spring/Summer 2004 page 68 done in Patons’ Katrina yarn, very stretchy.

Thank you for looking at my stuff. :smiley:

I love those tops :heart: especially the first and the purple one.

You did a great job on all of them. :XX: My favorite is the purple one with the cables. :smiley:

Very nice! :cheering:

Great stuff! You’ve been busy for sure!

They are all absolutely beautiful! :cheering: And my favorite is the purple one also!

They’re all very nice!

I think I’m with many of the others – the purple cabled one is my favorite too. All of them are lovely though! :smiley:

the last one and the cable one are awesome awesome awesome!

the purple one is amazing! How does it fasten?

OK I think you hit the jackpot with the purple one :inlove:

Everything is beautiful! I especially love the first one and the last one. :inlove: :inlove:

Loving everything :thumbsup:

Wow! I love the cowl and the plum scarf halter!!! Those are so cool!


Everythings just lovely! Way to knit! :happydance:

Thank you everybody! In answer to Betweenshades’s question, the scarf neck halter is held up by the scarf wrapping around the neck. I have worn it with a brooch or pin to fasten the scarf down in case it wanted to unwind itself from my neck.

Those are fabulous! :thumbsup:

i definitely drooled a bit. those are flawless! i love them. i love them good. i commend the great skill. those really are amazing!

Great job!!! I particularly like the last two. :thumbsup:

They are all very beautiful! :inlove:

Everything is gorgeous! :inlove: :thumbsup: