I can't finish anything! Wahhh

Ok so its my own fault because I start too many projects at once then get flustered as to what to work on and thus nothing seems to get done!

I have a lovely cardigan on the needles right now and sat up last night determined to get the 34cm back done which I did :cheering: I need encouragement, my friend and neighbour has already done a cardigan and is almost finished a cable jumper (sweater)…at the rate I’m going it will be summer again before I get anything done.

So my projects are:

Cardigan for moi

Blanket for DS in his football colours (Christmas pressie)

mittins for my daughter-in-law (one mittin done, think she may want two tho :lol:)

V-top for moi for summer


Desperately want to start an autumn sweater that my Mum sent me specialty yarn for

Ho hummmm

Any encouraging insight would be greatly appreciated.

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I have this problem too! My dh teases me mercilessly about it, but he doesn’t understand. I have recently though, narrowed it down to about 3 seasonal projects at a time, and things seem to be moving faster! I normally have otn: one for me, one for someone else, one blanket (I don’t know, I just like blankets … they are my mindless projects!) Then I go by mood - do I feel like paying attention? What yarn do I want to play with? What else am I doing at the same time? I mix up the things that take long with things I can see progess too.

The sides of the cardi will go MUCH quicker than the back … but then there are 2 of them :teehee: Not to mention those nasty sleeves!

Tell your son if he’s old enough to enjoy football, he’s old enough to sit and knit the blanket iwth you!

And as for teh mitten - give it to her, and tell her the other hand would be far more productive mitten-less, and if it’s cold, she can always stick it in a pocket. :wink:

Good luck, and have fun!

I think a good many of us have that problem. Maybe we need to have a day that we only work in WsIP… like “Finish it Friday” or something? :think:

That is a great idea Jan!!

I am fairly new at this, but already see the WIP syndrome starting …I have a sweater I have been working on that is on size 4 needles and has a large expanse of st st…I just seem to lose my interest after a while:zombie: So, I have several other projects otn, but I have started making myself knit a minimum of 6 rows on the sweater every time I pick up my knitting (a hint I read here in a post to another thread a while ago) - once I start I usually do more than that before switching to one of the smaller more interesting projects and I am now making steady progress on the sweater :happydancing:

Ohhh thank goodness it isn’t just me! Have just had my two older sons and the daughters in law here for Sunday lunch and am washing my work clothes for tomorrow, hubby is crashed out watching football (how much football do guys need to view anyway!!!) and teen son has gone to watch his tv phew…

Soooo, am going to get some more done on this cardigan! I like the idea of stitching a certain amount of rows each time and Beth you made me laugh!!!

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PS my friend just showed me her completed alpaca coat that came from her very own alpaca called Millicent, she says not to worry, Millie didn’t die she just gave fleece LOL

I’m an exception. :slight_smile: Only once have I had two items ‘on the go’ - tho I have rug - panels - I have not yet seamed together as there are hundreds of ends to be woven in :frowning:

I find that I am pushed to complete items because I am itchy to move on to something else.

Oh… and I do set a base line number of rows I must do each day. It depends on the item but it’s usually 6 or 7.

After only having the dressing gown on the needles, I’m all to grateful to now have more than one thing on the go. This may sound really anal but I have a weekly rota of what I do.

On week 1 I; Monday, Wednesday, Friday, KNIT
Tuesday,Thursday, CROCHET
Saturday, Sunday, TATTING

On week 2; Mon, Wed, Fri, Crochet
Tues, Thurs, Tatting
Sat, Sun, Knit

On week 3; Mon, Wed, Fri, Tatting
Tues,Thurs, Knitting
Sat, Sun, Crochet

Week 4; I take 1 project and work on it all week.

It’s usually a knitting project because tatting doesn’t take too much time. If I have no crochet projects and I get tired of practicing stitches I substitute a knitting project 1 day and a tatting project the next. Or I do a bit of sewing.

I know it IS probably anal, but I do finish my projects that way. I love seaming up and seeing the finished item

I keep socks OTN at all times. They are my portable and mindless project. I keep something more detailed OTN for knit night or at home knitting. I’m still slow at finishing b/c I don’t have a lot of knit time.

I don’t start a new project until I’ve finished one. It’s hard and I’m ending up with lots of yarn and a huge project list.

I’ve got to get back to doing a certain number of rows per day. That works for me when I knit something boring.

I suggest finishing off the mitten. It won’t take as long and you’ll feel good about the FO.

Best of luck!

Me too. whenever I have more than project OTN, I end up working on only one until it is completed, then finishing the other one. The exception is that I would like to keep something mindless OTN for times when concentration is not possible. I think it needs to be something I’m not dying to finish, though. For me, socks are not yet mindless.

Adding to what I said before… One of the reasons I have lately ended up with more on the needles than usual is I am stashbusting and I have run out of yarn for two of the projects. :doh: So yesterday I went and bought ONE skein for each one so I can at least finish them. I’m all for mixing it up and using crazy colors or whatever when stashbusting, but I thought I had enough for both of these so I needed to finish them in the pattern I’d chosen. Oh well…buying the yarn was fun! :teehee:

I have this problem, too. I find it helps to pick one or two projects among the WIPs, the ones that are closest to finishing or the ones I am most excited about, and mentally set them as my priority.

I have made a decision…

I love this idea of doing a minimum amount of rows each time I pick up the meedles, am going with 6 rows.

I am almost finished the back of my cardigan thanks to a peaceful afternoon and night soooo…will complete the back (only about 20 rows to go now :happydancing:) and then before starting the right side of the cardie I will finish the mitten…

Thanks for sooo many great ideas!

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[B][COLOR=“Navy”]Hi Karen Ann,

I keep dropping a sticthes. :slight_smile: We;re on vacation, and I knit while DH and Son play cards with relatives and I listen in in the conversations. When the conversations get real good, I end up dropping the stitches. So I may have to put off knitting til I just get home. :slight_smile:


Oh Susan you poor thing, you sound like me LOL BTW is that your little doggie in the pic??? He/She looks like a maltese which is the same as my little sweetheart kristy-lee who is a Maltese and now that my sons are grown (1 teen still at home) kristy is the new baby LOL

Still, I plan to stay true to my plan of knitting the back of the cardigan and moving onto the last mitten…

Well thats the plan anyways but for know it is a relaxing chapagne:clink:then some knitting! Work was rotten today LOL

Down Under (and its raining :achoo:)