I can't do mattress stitch?

Hi everyone. Weird problem that I’ve never had before. I’m watching how to do something on Amy’s video (mattress stitch) and I can’t seem to make it look right. I knit some swatches up to practice seaming because I’m sooo afraid of seaming, and I’m doing what she does but mine still doesn’t look good. :hair: Maybe I’m not pulling hard enough, to tighten it up? Anyways, it’s just a weird problem to have and so I don’t know exactly how to fix it. But her seam is invisible and mine isn’t, even though I think I’m going through the same part of the stitch and doing the same thing she is. :wall:

ETA: Oooh wait, it looks better as I go. Sorry, ignore this… Oops??? :oops: :slight_smile:

It takes me a few goes to learn things too, even with the videos! :hug::hug::hug:

Hi’ya little redhead! :waving:

When I am seaming…I try to resist the temptation to “lace the edges” too far up without “cinching up” or “zipping up”!

Most times, I use a similar color tapestry yarn for seaming, or, DMC perle cotton. Using a different “kind” of yarn helps me SEE the actual seaming “laces”. I rarely use the same yarn as the garment. For different reason: the yarn is too thick, or too nubby or fragile. NORO yarn is impossible to seam with.

Congratulations on your efforts to expand your knitting skills by working at your seaming! A well-seamed sweater is so professional looking!

Believe it or not…I didn’t learn mattress stitch (had never even heard of it) til about 4 years ago! I took a “Finishing Techniques” class at my LYS. I wish I had learned mattress stitch seaming a lonnnnng time ago! It is so much easier to match patterns and colors or stripes with the right sides facing you!

I recommend clipping the seam together before starting the seam. I use [COLOR=blue][B]KnitKlips[/B][/COLOR]…Little girls hair clips would work just as well. Take a look at the link…you can see what I mean by the girls hair clips.

I used to use little brass safety pins…but, the clips/Klips are faster to put in and remove and you work the seamline.