I can't decide on a kitty name! Pic on Page 2!

I am trying to find a name for our little kitten we’ve had for about 2 weeks now. We can’t seem to agree…altho keeps leaning toward “Meatball” :rollseyes: it’s funny, but I don’t think I wanna call that name out for the next 15 years.
Here are some possibilites…
Feel free to make a multiple choice…Kthnx~:thumbsup:

where is the picture? And you didn’t include meatball on the poll, which is still my fave :teehee: But then again, I once called my kitten teaspoon, so that I could upgrade it’s name as it grew… you know, tablespoon, dessertspoon, ladle… but it ended up always being teaspoon.

I used to have a cat called Chester!

can’t decide til i see a picture. :wink:


I know a Shamus and Fozzie, so I think I’d have to see if your’s looks like either one of them.

I love :heart::heart::heart: Twinky!


If this is the same kitty that you posted on your blog, I maintain he looks like a Fred. But I need to see a pickchoor.

I like Toonces. :cheering:

I chose Obie, because a friend of mine had a cat named that and they recently had to have him put down.

I’m trying like crazy to post a pick, but when I click "upload, I get this:
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Hubby suggested “teacup”, so that would be something fivesix:teehee:
Since Binky our other cat already had a name when we got him, I have said many times if we ever got another kitty I wanted to name him Toonces…but alas, I don’t feel 100% committed to it. :wall:

I like Obie too… ack, I can’t decide!:doh:

also, the Quick Reply is not quick…lamex-(

I like Obie too! I just can’t decide!!!

I can’t see a picture.

My suggestion is to name her after a favorite book character. My cat is Kinsey name after Kinsey Milhone from the mystery series by Sue Grafton. My cat that died last year was named Pouncequick from a book about cats call Tailchasers song.

If you don’t have a favorite book character name her after a favorite yarn.

I like Hagan (and I :heart: Hugh Jackman too:roflhard:)

I always have female cats, but if I ever get a boy I’m going to call it Kingston…it just sounds so dignified.

My aunty also has a Chester. We had a Felica once and also a little kitten called ‘storm’ because he caused such a fuss (my uncle wouldn’t let my aunty keep it, so we ended up with him) Poor Storm became ‘tripod’ though :frowning: He went missing one day and we couldn’t find him. About 3 - 4months later we were walking home from school and saw this cat in a house window…it looked just like Storm. We ran home and told mum and then went to this house to see if it was. Turns out Storm had slept up the car wheel recess and when dad went to work he didn’t know Storm was there. This elderly couple found and took him to the vets but he lost a leg, hence the new name ‘tripod’. We still sometimes see him sitting in that house window :slight_smile:

Other cat names we have had are ‘Lucy, Cassie, Charli, tiger and grey puss’

Good luck and have fun with your new kitten!


My boy’s name is Thomas-- since we got him as a rescue, it was better than “Bubbles” and we started calling him Tomcat, and it just stuck :slight_smile: If he’s bad- then he’s Thomas James-- it slipped out that way one day!

What does the kitty look like? I’m more for naming cats human names. Our three cats are called Phoebe(black torti), Kacy(longhair-grey), and Toby(tuxedo)

Post a picture!

I like Francis. So obviously I voted other:lol:

I think “Twinky” will be too confusing, as it sounds too much like Binky. I am another one who prefers the more unusual, but human, names for aminals. I chose Hagan. :thumbsup:

I generally head for Egyptological names for cats, or depending on their markings, or personality, will give names. My black bombay, for example, is named Osiris, after the Egyptian god of the underworld. Once you are able to post a pic, Jodie, I’ll give you a name.


One of my present cats is named after a Goddess - the Aztec goddess of the night and animals and (forgive the spelling) her name is Metzley, my other cat is called Scamperwags, but we call her bamps for short for some reason. Used to be scamps, but it transformed to bamps.

Binky, maybe if you post a picture in a new post in this thread?

Hey, there’s a thought…
Thanks for all the suggestions. Ror…I thought about Diogenes…which is Greek, and calling him “Dodge” for short. I have a friend who had a cat with that name/nickname. In my case, this little guy was found with his littermates in a junker car that dh and his buddies were getting ready to “recycle” two weeks ago:shock:
This little guy came to our home, the other 4 went to his friends who will keep one and foster the other 3 for a few months for adoption through a PAAWS clinic here that offers reduced price spaying/neutering for folks that bring in strays, etc in an effort to control pet overpopulation.
Let’s see if the pic thing works yet… it did it did !!! :cheering:
Twinky is my mom’s idea…to be truthful, I’m not a big fan of rhymie names… like Pete and RePete…
Yay, another Hugh Jackman fan! Mel.B…can you hook me up please? Or at least get a message to him for me? I’m sure you’re more likely to bump into the man that I am! xoxoxo
I’m sure like Binky, his middle name will be KittyGetDown lol