I can't believe nobody posted this yesterday


I don’t have a cardigan to wear on Mr Roger’s Sweater Day, but I worked on one and hopefully I’ll have it done by next year.

I actually own a real Mr. Roger’s sweater, bought from the same company where he got all his sweaters. It’s one of my favorite sweaters even though it isn’t handmade. It’s falling apart (I’ve had it that long) and I’m thinking of making one. It’s on the ever-growing list.

[SIZE=5][I]Thanks Mike for the link…I love Mr. Rogers…raised my boys watching him!

Someone needs to design a “Mr. Rogers” knit cardigan…any takers?[/I][/SIZE]

I didn’t particularly like him. I understood the act when he was dealing with kids but he never stepped out of character when dealing with adults making me think it wasn’t an act.

I was more interested in Sweater Day.
I do like the simple Cardigan idea, but I’d rather have buttons than a zipper … or more accurately, I’d rather make it with buttons than a zipper :slight_smile:

But can you imagine Mr Rogers for president? Someone who cared about people? Someone with compassion and concern for adults children and other living things? Someone who wasn’t afraid to tell people “I Love You”? Imagine that. I :heart: Mr Rogers. He was the most kind most compassionate loving person ever. And I miss him!