I can't believe myself!


I just figured out what the emoticon to the right of the heart is.= :?? I always thought it was a frowning face in front of a mirror… ya, know… like “ugly and unhappy with their appearance” or “low self esteem” emoticon!
I just realized it was a scratching head emoticon!

OMG! I never looked at it that way! It’s funny how your eyes play tricks, isn’t it?

Kinda makes you want to go LIKE THIS

I hope that picture isn’t real!!!

Whoa!! :noway:

Ew ew eeeeeeeeeew that can’t be real! Imagine how stretched out your facial skin would be?! :ick:



:?eyebrow: :noway: :oo:

Ok that was just plain freaky. Why did I look? Now I am going to have nightmares!!! :wall:


you can totally tell that it’s fake, but still…

He looks like a “meanie”, doesn’t he? I didn’t know what he was doing at first because he looks like he’s frowning. It wasn’t until after I put my cursor over him and the little text box popped up that said “scratching head” that I realized that’s what he was doing. How funny!