I can't believe it! I am getting a spinning wheel!

:cheering: :cheering: I am so excited! I spent some time yesterday looking at spinning wheels via the net. When my DH came home I presented my case. I was fully prepared to defend my wanting a wheel but I didn’t have to…He said YES!!! Based on what we have read on the net and our pocket book we have narrowed it down to two…The Ashford Kiwi (a little cheaper) and the Ashford Traditional (little more money but so pretty and has a lot of accessories that can be added later…or as I learn what they are actually used for!!!) His only thing was we had to buy it from our (not so local)lys (The Fold in Morengo) that sells a lot of spinning equipment so we could “test drive it” at the store and ask our questions. He wants to go Saturday so this is going to cut into my KH Knitting weekend :frowning:

Very cool :thumbsup:

One of these days I think my wife and I will get into this sort of thing… :slight_smile:

CONGRATS… and doesn’t it just blow you away when you spend time making a defense with all possible answers… and your SO just goes… “Okay”

I’ve done this before… totally blind-sided me… :lol:

Just so you know, the Kiwi has certain accessories as well - there’s a high speed flyer for finer weight yarns and a jumbo flyer for bulkier yarns. The lazy kate only holds 2 spare bobbins, tho, while the Traditional holds 3. The Kiwi is a bit more portable and it’s super cute IMHO. I’ve spun on both and both are great, so either way you go, you’ll be all set! I have a slight bias for the Kiwi tho, since that’s what I own. Easy to put together too :wink:

Gratz on the spinning wheel! Going to get it may cut into knitting time but it is for a good cause.

I need to work on my persuasion techniques. :thinking:

I am definately debating both. I love the traditional look of the traditional but how portable the kiwi is.

I am not sure if 2 or 3 bobbins on the lazy kate make a difference to me…

I basically am just going to go test drive them both and see how like 'em.

[color=darkred](as my younger daughter says) [size=6]WAY COOL! [/size]
Lana :x: [/color]

You are in for so much fun!! I just got my first wheel at Christmas, an Ashford Traveler and love it to death!! Whichever you get, it’s a brand new obsession just waiting to happen. :inlove:

oh oh oh I’m so jealous! I want a spinning wheel so bad! I got two drop spindles a few months ago (I wanted one of those for a year) and can you believe this, I haven’t tried them yet. I just have them out on the table and look at them a lot and say, this weekend I’m going to try it. I think I’m scared I won’t be able to do it. But a wheel! They are so beautiful.
Lucky you! You’ll have to keep us updated as to how easy it is to learn.

I receive an ebay message every morning showing all the roving on sale, it’s fun to look at all the colors. Have you checked it out?