I can't believe I did it!

I am working on my first large knitting project. I am making great progress on this beautiful afghan and I notice about a 2 rows down there is a little mistake, I have a loop showing. Almost like a dropped stitch, but I am unable to correct it or at least it look corrected. So I looked here on the site and found the video’s teaching how to correct mistakes. It didn’t help, still looked off. I then looked at the video about placing the needle several rows down and frog to that point, (past the mistake) and then working the rows again.

I was very nervous:oo:
But it worked:noway: :yay:

I will try to post pictures later of the wip…this site and this forum are priceless. Everyone here has been so awesome.


WHOOO, good job! :slight_smile: Isn’t it exhilarating?

YEs, it is so exciting. I was afraid I would end of having to frog the whole project. I am about half way finished. Friends said I was being to “picky” they couldn’t tell there was a mistake. It would have bugged me not to fix it.

Good for you!!! yay!!!

Great job! But don’t you hate it when you notice a mistake way after the fact? My first afghan, I went through five balls of yarn before realizing that I had made it twice as long as it was supposed to be!

Excellent! :yay:

That, dear friend, is the first step toward becoming a fearless knitter! Once you realize you can fix things, you don’t have to worry so much about making mistakes—and you’re free to try more stuff!

Great job! Congratulations!! :slight_smile:

Here is a picture from the pattern book:

I have included a picture of the afghan folded in half on my desk and a picture closer up showing the stitches (color is off on that picture).Here is my work:

Gorgeous! You’re doing a great job!

Very pretty

Thank you, I really held my breath when I started pulling at the yarn and watched it unravel.

That is a wonderful pattern. So, does this mean you finished it?

–Jack :guyknitting:

Thanks, I really like the pattern. I am about half way finished.

Glad you were able to fix your mistake !! I will have to look for that video technique as I am famous for noticing mistakes after the fact and unknitting back to the mistake - which takes a lot longer than knitting it in the first place

I had never unraveled my work as I wasn’t sure I understood how to place the stitch back on the needle. I have learned so much from this forum and site. I am starting to feel a little more fearless.

Using the technique in the video it really took no time at all to get past the problem and start knitting it back.

It looks beautiful! Very nice knitting.

Congratulations on fixing the mistake. :yay: The blanket is beautiful!

Very pretty.

AWESOME:muah: :muah: :muah: Someday I too will tackle something like that.