I can't believe I am going to ask this, but

I really have to knit this as a prank gift of sorts. I need some suggestions on what yarn I should use. Obviously it needs to be silky soft for such a um, er, ahem sensitive area. :mrgreen:

This recipient [U]loves[/U] stripes, so I would love to use a self-striping yarn if anyone has any suggestions for something super soft! I was thinking of using DB’s Cashmerino but don’t want to have to make my own stripes and carry the yarn. I’ve only done that on one project so far and don’t feel comfortable enough with it to try it on this particular pattern, heh. :wink:

Here is the pattern I’m going to use unless anyone has any other suggestions?? :teehee:

Oh my!!:oo:

How/when exactly does one measure for this?..:lol:


how funny! =)

Could you make it spiral out…sort of like a cork screw?

Isn’t that the banana cozy that went with this thread?


Sorry, I couldn’t resist :roflhard:

Perhaps Caron Simply Soft?

I think any of the baby yarns would be soft enough, washable, and
[SIZE=1]stretchy. [SIZE=2]:shifty:[/SIZE][/SIZE]

I made one of these for a friends bachelor party, it was candy cane striped. The guys were really embarrassed giving it to him -but he thought it was funny. I made mine from acrylic cause I knew he would never wear it.

Dye your own stripes a la Eunny (tute).

P.S. make sure you get the size right especially if the boy in question belongs to you. If you make it too small he will be insulted, but too big and he may get insecure.

I think too big and he will be flattered :wink:

I want to see a picture when you’re done. [SIZE=1]Ahem, with a live model.[/SIZE] :shifty:

someone on this board made a knitted thong. if we could find them they could give us input b/c i remember she tried it and said it felt comfy~
maybe some super soft cotton that is warm and breathable. … is this for function or fun~:think:

It may be novel also to try that ultra thin ribbon than can be used like a yarn. Mind you, if you could find something that would glow in the dark that would be great :lol:



:roflhard: That is soo funny!! I agree that a baby yarn would work just fine. Hee-hee!!! Please post a pic when you finish it!! :roflhard::roflhard:

Here’s proof positive that knitting isn’t just for little blue haired old ladies!!!

Hee! You guys are hilarious! :roflhard:

And funny that Ingrid mentioned using stretchy yarn because I was actually thinking about that…

Do you knit it to fit when um, one is just lollygagg-ing about or do you knit it to fit when one is, er, ready to go into battle? Heh.

And sadly, I don’t think I know anyone who would be willing to model it for a picture, but I’ll definitely make sure to post a pic of the item when I’m done :wink:

I’m thinking about some lovely soft silk yarn, if I can find something that stripes! Then again, silk can be a little slippery and goodness knows I wouldn’t want it to fall off!


KP has a silk wool blend, its very soft :slight_smile: you could get it in bare and dye it yourself … i was thinking of knitting a bunch of these for christmas gifts :lol: