I can't believe how I'm taking this

Yes, this is still about that darn IK sweater. My first one that I knit the Malabrigo with, well, that was a couple of weeks ago, at least, and I haven’t knit anything since I learned I couldn’t use the yarn I had thought I could use. I tried knitting some socks and got about 7 rows in and quit.

I am taking it so much harder than I thought I would, here I was all set to frog it and there it still sits. Waiting for me to find the yarn to match it exactly. I just can’t rip it out!!

I feel like a whacko. It’s like I’m in mourning or something. I don’t know how to snap out of it. :violin:

I need to find a knitting therapist. :rofl: Or wait, isn’t that what all of you are? :thumbsup: Someone give me a good kick in the pants and get me motivated. Please?

I’m not quite sure what happened… did I miss that post? Anyway, is there something you could knit that’s simple and an easy success maybe for Christmas? Like fingerless gloves or something?:hug:

I thought knitting [B]is[/B] therapy.

I’m also not sure what this is about but I take it your yarn doesn’t quite match or something.

Sounds like a chance to make something really interesting.


[COLOR=Black][SIZE=2]Strong enough for you?

Find some beautiful yarn that you can knit with just for the pleasure of the yarn running through your fingers.

Oh Ingrid, you’re too funny. :teehee:

And yes, as I said, I posted this problem with the yarns not matching even though they were the same dye lot, pink…ring any bells?? It’s not important, suffice it to say I’m just so disappointed at being so close, yet so far away from finishing my first sweater. You’ll have to forgive me for being so upset, I’m a sensitive person and I had my hopes up so darn high and then to have them come crashing down was just hard. Like I said, I don’t know why it’s affected me so much…I’ll have to think more on it and maybe I’ll figure it out someday. :shrug:

I did just get some yarn from ebay that I was hoping would match what I already have (not the malabrigo stuff, of course I wanted to say malabrigo crap!) and it does so I’m thinking of seeing if I have enough to try and use that.

Although I still won’t rip it out until I’m ready, I’m holding out some hope I’ll find some to match it someday. See, I’m still in denial. :wink:

So just pick a completely different color yarn and make a really unique looking sweater. :thumbsup:

I hope I’m not being repetitive if someone has already suggested this to you, but…

If you can separate the yarn into batches that more-or-less match (as though you were working with two or three different dye lots), you could knit a row with skein from Group 1, then the next row with a Group 2 skein, and the next with Group 3… Running the yarn up the side for one or two rows until you’re back to that skein again.

I know it’s a little fiddly, but that’s what people have always suggested when you have to work with multiple dye lots, and the end result is usually good.

Best of luck!

I think if it were me I would just use the different color but do it in a different stitch type, like rib it so the color change looks like it was on purpose…

But I don’t know how much you have left to knit and if you’re knitting a top down or bottom up sweater.

Hope you get the idea or inspiration you need. But if all else fails just frog it and make some beautiful socks or something.

Hi’ya! :waving:

Ya know…your signature contains a most appropriate quote:

[COLOR=Blue][B]“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”[/B][/COLOR]

I think that is a marvelous quote!

Knitting disappointments happen to all of us…I have been knitting since 1970…and just the other day…a project kicked my butt. I started a wonderful MAX pullover for DH in a yarn that HE LOVED…and it just didn’t work out. It is a long miserable story…I won’t bore you with it…but I ended up cutting my losses…FROGGING 7" of work…put the yarn and the pattern away…dug out some white cotton from my stash…and made 4 dishcloths…then dug out some lavendar cotton and started a darling baby cardigan for a girlfriend’s first granddaughter! Now even THAT cardigan I had some issues with…had to FROG and re-knit the first 3" three times (it is lacy)…and once…I had to FROG those 3" PLUS 4" of the actual pattern repeats.

Sigh. I finally have it “RIGHT”. :eyes: I was beginning to wonder! :eyes:
It was a lesson learned. And to think…the pattern says that I knit this same cardigan for one of my granddaughters back in 2002! :eyes:

Hang in there. Drink plenty of water. Sometimes I get really blue feeling…really blue (not my nature)…and it is because I am drinking too much coffee and not enough water. Dehydration can make us feel tired, blue and depressed.

Personally I think the offending sweater would end up in a box somewhere out of sight and I’d start on something else until I was ready to go back and sort it out. I haven’t started my first sweater yet, I’m still looking for exactly the right pattern, something easy enough that I feel I can do it but something I would wear, I think if I had finally found that pattern and started it only to have something like this happen I would be somewhat discouraged and upset about it too.
As Artlady says these things happen so try not to worry about it too much. Just put it on one side until you want to come back to it and knit something else for a while.
Hope everything works out!

Well, as the saying goes…Put on your big girl pants and DEAL with it:roflhard::roflhard::roflhard:

I have a hunk of yarn that has been (on seperate occasions) a sweater jacket, a pull over and finally an afghan. Each time I was dissappointed with the outcome and frogged it to try again. The yarn now sits in a heap being used up slowly to make hats to go to a homelesss project.

I didn’t like the finished pojects but I enjoyed the knitting so nothing was lost.

I’m sorry!!! I am working on my first sweater now and I can only imagine how you feel!!! I’d just put it away for awhile and work on something easy and fun! Maybe later, you’ll feel like it again!

Can I just say Thank you for writing this to me! :hug: Finally someone who is going through what I went through (first sweater). It’s nice to get a little compassion once in a while. Everyone seems to be way past the first sweater experience so they have forgotten how important it is and can’t take a minute to say they understand my disappointment, but it will get better and blah blah blah.

I’m quite surprised at how few of you even cared about the fact that its my FIRST SWEATER. It’s special to me.

I don’t need someone to coddle me, but jeez, take a moment to say what Brandy said and help me feel better, not make me feel stupid for feeling the way I do. I’m the dumbest person in the world (don’t tell my DH I said that!) so the fact that I figured out knitting is nothing short of a miracle.

Anyway, sorry I posted this thread, I guess I should have taken it somewhere else.

aww ((HUGS)) to you!! I think you’re just so upset over all your hard work that you’re not reading things the way people meant them. But I compeltey understand where you’re coming from!! I would be SO UPSET if something happens to this sweater…

I don’t know where you live, but a lot of the northern sections of the country are in a cold snap today. If you are too, why not cuddle up with some tea or cocoa with a nice warm blanket, watch a chick flick and mope around. You’re allowed!! And maybe tomorrow you’ll feel better.

I’m so sorry you are so upset!!

My first sweater project went like this. I made it, my Mother-In-Law put the pieces together for me. It was too big for me! I didn’t like it, I put it up in my closet for a year. Three years later, I pulled it out, pulled it completely apart and frogged it down to nothing. Started the SAME pattern but the smaller size and with a different collar so it would fit better. It is still in pieces and all I have to finish is one sleeve, construction and then the collar. Have I done it? Nope. It’s the sweater that will never be. Also, I figured out that I hate the yarn. I love the color, hate the texture of the yarn, it’s scratchy when it’s all knit up. And the yarn was so expensive too! One of these days I will finish it…

Oh, and I have an afghan that is now going on 6 years and I haven’t completed it. It will only take me about 3 weeks to complete and it’s beautiful but I just don’t feel like carrying it around it’s so heavy!!!

Sweaters are difficult. They make you want to scream sometimes. It’s hard to let go of anything you’ve started and rip it all out again! Sometimes it feels good to just rip away and let the string fly all over the place! Just don’t let your critters or baby at it like mine try!!!

If it makes you feel better, all 3 of my first adult sweaters were failures. Haven’t gotten to #4 yet.
(Though I am keeping the 3rd one because the yarn is nice and soft , and was expensive, but it doesn’t fit because apparently I wasn’t supposed to get it wet. And on top of blocking it wrong, I kind of ruined the yarn picking at it when I shouldn’t have…)

But try not to be too sad, I’m sure it gets better someday! It’s all a learning experience, right?

& in the meantime, you can sit next to me… :slight_smile:

Wow. I’m surprised at your reaction here. I re-read the responses and I don’t think anyone was putting you down at all. Everyone offered up helpful advice.

For what it’s worth, my first sweater sucked. I made it out of some yummy Blue Sky Organic Cotton. It took me a while and I can’t even wear it. It is destined to be frogged so I can re-use the yarn. I totally sympathize with you. I was so excited as I was knitting it only to be disappointed in the end. :hug:

I gave my first sweater away. It looked OK (No sleeves of different lengths or bad sizing) but I made a bad yarn choice. 100% acrylic doesn’t breathe, especially in a bulky weight! :fingerwag:
I’m sorry that this has been so difficult for you.:hug: I would set the yarn aside and knit something with luxurious yarn. Besides, who says you have to frog it? I have a sweater I’ve knit 3 times and the yarn choice just isn’t working. I’m leaving it in partial sweater form until I’m ready to do something else with it.


I’m sorry you felt like we weren’t being sensitive. Belive me I understand what it’s like to get almost done sith something and realize it’s messed up like 50 rows back, or to run out of yarn, it’s a horrible feeling. But I am assuming that because of the last line in your post you kind of wanted us to tell you to frog it, or what we would do.

I’ve been on this forum for a little while and everyone I’ve encounted has at least been sympathetic if nothing else. I hope you don’t think we were all being rude or anything like that. I’m sure that no one intended to come off as rude, we were giving a response based on what you asked for, “A kick in the pants.” I hope that this hasn’t ruined your using KH in the future as seeing anyone leave is sad, once you get into this forum it really is like a little, well big knitting family.

I hope something comes to you out of your sweater. I know that we can all relate to what your going through, every knitter on here has had to frog something cause it wasn’t right. I wish you all the best of luck on it, and I agree with Brandy, cuddle up and watch a chick flick. I know where I’m at it’s pretty cool today and that sounds like a great idea.

Again I hope you’re not upset by the posts that we made. I know no one meant them as they were taken.

:grphug: just cause I figured you needed one, I know I could use one…

If I recall your dilemma, you have an almost-finished project, but two skeins of yarn that are colour impaired (one with too much pink, one with too much green). You plan to frog the project, but you’re obviously heavily invested in the whole thing.

That said, have you considered knitting from both your skeins alternately (a row or two with skein one, followed by a row or two of skein two) - that might break up the pink and green. If you’re really that unhappy about frogging, it might be worth a try.