I cannot imagine?


i went shopping for yarn and i saw this lady accompany her friend there looking for needles … apparently she do not knit or do crafts at all …she started commenting that the yarn and needles are ridiculously expensive and who would paid a skein of yarn for $15-$40 ??

next i almost fainted when i cannot believe what i saw… she went around and rub those (her so-called ridiculously fancy expensive) yarn on her face!!!.. here is the interesting part … she got alot of makeup on (her foundation is very thick !) i believed very much all those yarn are stained with foundation. :doh: … now here i am wondering every yarn i made with my project …should i wash it thoroughly before i gave away as gift …can u imagine someone receive something from you and there is alot of crap on it …like foundation or lipstick stain !!! all i can do is SIGH for now… :verysad:

I always rub the yarn on my face when no one’s looking.

Somebody, where’s that vomit smiley?

I sometimes rub it, too, but I don’t wear makeup or perfume.

Ick! I always hand wash the finished product before I give it away. But rubbing the yarn against my face is something I don’t do lol.

I don’t rub the yarn on my face either.

Iam more of a squishy fondler…lol…I just like the feel of it squishing in my hands, and if Iam questioning softness I use the underside of my forearm as a guage as thats where my most sensitive skin is…

But the make up on yarn…ewww…Just like groceries, grab the skein at the back of the shelf…lol

I always do that, both with groceries and with yarn!!

Well, I sometimes rub yarn on my face too, to judge how it will feel… but I NEVER wear make-up or perfume, so I don’t know if that’s too bad :shrug:

Oooh…I’m so guilty here. I love walking around my LYS and squeezing/fondling all the yarn as I walk through (My LYS owner encourages that bit! Lurve her…the first time I walked into the place she greeted me with “Welcome…touch everything” Hee! :happydance: ).

Before I buy something, I always smoosh it up against my cheek. I don’t really wear makeup, but I guess that is still kinda gross. However, I tend not to do the face-smoosh until I’m 98% sure I’m going to buy it. It’s like the last test of strength before I purchase a yarn :teehee: .

This post has me wondering whether or not I rub yarn on my face. I am really not sure. When I am in a good LYS, I go into a trance and I can’t say for sure what happens or how I behave. I can tell from the reciepts that I am actually paying for the yarn, but how I select it I just can’t say. I can only hope I’m not stuffing the yarn down my pants or rubbing it in my armpits to verify softness!

I have rubbed yarn on my neck a few times to see how soft it was before buying it to make a scarf. I do not wear makeup on my neck. :happydance:

:roflhard: :rofl:

I’m just a beginner, but thats SOOOOO annoying when someone who’s not into the craft , whether its knitting or not, makes comments like that :!!!: . It’s like that comment…Why pay all the money to buy the supplies to make something when you could buy it for way less already made <— i get that a lot… I love making things and knowing “I MADE THIS” with my own 2 hands :woot: . Anyone can “BUY” something already made but not everyone can “MAKE” it themselves.

If only you had say that they made her buy all those ruined skeins of yarn…OOooooOooOo that would have just made my day :twisted: It would have been like…thats what you get for insulting “THE YARN” she angered its awesomeness :teehee: Ok ok i’m a little mean but only when people make negative comments about something they know nothing about or have no appreciation for. :fingerwag:

I’ll admit i rub the yarn on my face or neck to really feel its texture but if i had ruined it in anyway i would have bought it regardless if i liked it’s feel or not. Even though i’m an adult i still get that feeling that i’m going to get in trouble…you know…you rub the yarn on your face, you accidentaly ruin it, then you look around to see if anyone saw what you did…Ok maybe it’s just me…i know not only am i mean…i’m weird too :eyes:

:oops: I feel bad now. I like to rub yarn on my neck to see how soft it would be as a scarf, per say. I don’t wear make-up and I wash my face regularly so I never really thought much of it. I guess it’s just a matter of opinion

I always put skeins up to my neck. I’m sooo sensitive to anything possibly itchy, so I have to test it out somehow! :teehee:

Yep…I also rub it gently on my neck and cheek to determine softness. Hands just can’t tell that well. However, I don’t wear makeup or perfume either so no harm is done.

Shame on that stupid woman to do that with makeup on!

I don’t get the yarn anywhere near my face until I am at the check out paying for it. Then I’d do it. I’m just anal and thought that would be polite. Silly me believing others would do me the same way in return.

I’m grabbing from the back of the shelf from now on…


My boyfriend always rubs yarn on his face. I tell him not to, but he won’t listen. Of course, he doesn’t wear makeup unless I put it on him :teehee:

I always do that, both with groceries and with yarn!![/quote]


I do this too!

I do rub the yarn on my cheek but I don’t wear makeup and I always wash my FOs.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

Okay, now all of you that rub it on your face, what if you’re not the 1st to do that to that yarn. How would you feel if you knew 10-20 others had face-snuggled that yarn? Isn’t that a tad bit gross? What about sneezing on it? Or the people that don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom. What if they fondled it? Then you stick it on your face?

I’m really cautious about anything touching my face and I wash my hands after shopping and touching other’s germs.


Eh, it’s gross but…I work with behavioral autistic kids, I have germs, human waste (yup, that kind) and shmutz smeared on me every day. If my immune system can handle that I figure I"ll be ok (says the girl who’s nasty sick right now! :teehee: ) But I’m obsessive with the hand sanitizer gel–I pretty much coat myself in them every few hours. So if I face snuggle my yarn and end up not buying–at least the next person isn’t getting too many germs from me.