I can not stop myself!

Look at what I just bought for my baby girl

Its so cute I just could not stop myself! And then I looked at all the other bracelets this lady has… :inlove: I could go broke buying all of the bracelets that I want from her. :doh:
Must… Stay… Away… from Ebay…

~Mod Squad was here :thumbsup:[/size]

What a cute bracelet!!

:smiley: I love it!! I was ebaying, too…but I got yarn (sock yarn…imagine that :shock: )

Rebecca, are you into socks??? That’s cool, I didn’t know that about you!

Cute bracelet!

Where have you been?? :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Ebay is evil! I’ve bought too much from there this week lol :roflhard:

There NO SUCH THING as too much yarn!!! :shock:

laugh are you sure about that? I’ve been back to knitting for under a month and I somehow seem to have a bucket full of yarn AND because I want to do felting, my “bid now” click seemed to just have a mind of its own on some 100% merino. God forbid my fingers from ever pressing “buy it now” again :roflhard: