I can not remember

I have finished 4 projects in one week, and i forget what ones i send to show so i will show all. I am working on one right now and waitting for a pattern book so i can get started on more goodies.
TinkerCat :XX:

Knit on dudette!! :thumbsup:

Four in one week?? Hats off to you! All look lovely! Great job.

You’re a regular knitting machine! Everything looks great! :smiley:

i have been sick and not being able to do much i was knitting lol.yes all 4 were done in a week. The cardi was about 5 hours took me a little over a day to do. The bonnet was a fast project about 3 hours tottal non stop 2 hour project. The scarfs were a few hours each. I hope you all have a good night i am off to relax a little.
Vanessa :XX: