I can knit again!

Tonight I finished my last final exam for the semester (and got an A)! :woot: Because I’ve had to study so much recently, I had to set the needles aside, but now I can knit to my heart’s desire over my holiday break!

:knitting: :woohoo: :knitting: :woohoo: :knitting: :woohoo: :knitting:

Congratulations!!! I am almost done with my must knits and getting anxious to do some fun knitting. Well, at least non-pressure knitting.

Congrats!! An A definitely means not only can you knit again, but you’re allowed to go buy more yarn too. /nod

Yay!!! Get all up in that knitting!:woot:

Congratulations! On the A and having some free time to pursue something REALLY important! :yay:

BTW, what are you studying?

I know how you feel. Although I can knit, I’m really busy and I can’t knit as much as I would like. In a week and a half it’s christmasholiday for me, two and a half week of non stop knitting :happydance:

Congratulations on your A! I hope you enjoy your well deserved knitting time :yay:


:woot: Congrats!!:woot:

Congrats! I think getting an A deserves more yarn shopping nods

Ugh I know what you mean. I won’t be free to knit until after 12/20. Working full time, raising a 3 year old, and gong to school at night while 8 months pregnant really really gets in the way of your knitting. On the bright side, I go on maternity leave for 12 glorious weeks in 3 weeks!!! I’m soo excited. I haven’t knit a thing for my new baby.
Congrats on the A!!

Way to go. You definitely deserve a reward for all that hard work.

congrats! My two college kids just finished their finals and are totally enjoying relaxing–well ds is working over break, but dd is in that “aaaahhhh” mode.

Hope you get lots and lots of good knitting time in!

Congrats! What a good feeling, huh? Now get off the computer and go knit! :slight_smile: