I can knit again! Here's proof

[SIZE=“5”]shh, the[/SIZE] yarn [SIZE=“5”]did it…[/SIZE]

LOL - well the set is gorgeous! I, too, love the colorway. So glad you are well enough to knit again. I know how frustrating it must have been to not be able to play with yarn for such a long time.

Those r soo cute!! What kinda needled did u use? Are they hard to make? I am going to start learning soon… I need to get needled,spacers, and etc items…Someone is sending me some needles so that will help me get started soon- Trying 2 figure out how, due to finances… but, I have some yarn!

Beautiful job!

For most of this I used the double pointed needles… easy to use- (eventually) but, not the best type of needle for beginning knitters. I don’t even know what size they were-- in the mess of ‘unpacking/moving’ … I have lost the ONLY needle gauge that I had left. Sigh… However, I think that they were about a 4.5mm or 5mm or even a 5.5mm size. I made this up myself - except for the booties… and I ‘kind of’ followed a pattern… for the most part.

I’m glad you’re feeling better!