I can knit again! Here's proof

I have had torn tendons for several months in my left hand and after a visit with the USA hand surgeon… and after having my hand/arm in a cast for a month (and barely skipped having to have hand surgery) and finally in a brace for months he told me: NO KNITTING/etc… while I was recovering…

However, I am [U][B]finally [/B][/U]well enough to knit something… :cheering: :happydance: and last week–I worked on a baby gift that was long due… I had missed knitting so much and it was great to check in to see all the knitted items here.

I’m glad your hand/arm are better! Those are adorable!

And so wonderfully colorful! So glad you’re better!

Thanks! :hug: I thought that the yarn would go with any color of coat/sweater ?? Or whatever they will put on a 3 month old for her first winter!

Fabulous news!!! And adorable knitting. Welcome back :slight_smile:

The gift set is adorable and such pretty colours. So glad you are able to knit again. Are you enjoying life in Germany?

I love the colorway used on the set. They are beautiful! Happy day that you are better and can knit again.


I’m so glad you’re feeling better and able to knit! Nice set!!

Thanks all…

Yes, I’m enjoying Germany. I live in such a beautiful place- and now that I finally have the INTERNET in my home – I can update my blog- which I have done for the past couple of days.
There are some photos of the local area that I posted in July or August when I first arrived on the blog too.
I’ve been unpacking some today- so, I haven’t knitted any yet today.

Nice o see that you are better and back to form :slight_smile: Great work !

this set is just precious!!! Beautiful work!! :muah:

It really is a very cute set, and you’re right, it’ll go with anything they wish to put the baben in.

My memory is gone today, what part of Deutchland are you in? Have you found the ‘hauptbanhoff’ and ‘die toilete’?
The most important thing to find is the best gasthaus around, where they serve really good food, like schnitzel and knodel. (My spelling is atrocious, sorry.)

Your yard looks great, do you like to garden, or is that one of these: :roflhard: As in, where would I find time?
The summers in Bavaria were perfect for veggies, as long as you found 80-90 day crops. Hops seem to grow year round, which works out, as beer does too. I LOVED the Volksmarches, especially the beginning,middle and ends,where you could have beer or wine or cider and a snack. Brochen and Marken butter come to mind, while everyone else was eating wurst, I was having a love affair with REAL butter.

My pie is ready to come out of the oven . . . bye!

So cute! I love the bright, cheerful colors. :slight_smile:

I’m glad you’re back in the saddle. They look adorable.

So cute! I bet it feels great to be knitting again.

So glad to hear you’re feeling better! Must feel wonderful to be able to knit again - and what an adorable set!

Great to see you knitting again! Lovely set!

Its soooo cute. Love the colors. great job and I’m so glad you are healing well.

I’m working on a pair of mittens (to match the hat that I’ve already made) to donate to the: Alaska Head Start Mitten program… I’m following a hand tracing that I made of a kindergartener student that I had in class last week for art. :woot: The first one was fine… now, let’s see if I can make a match?? :aww:

CHECK out my blog… it is ONE YEAR OLD on OCT 8. :teehee: I finally got Internet service in my house about 3 days ago…

Oh how beautiful!!! Is this intarsia colorblock or fair isle knitting…or did you find a yarn that had all these wonderful colors in each skein?? Regardless, I JUST LOVE IT!!! Your work is wonderful!!