I can have any yarn I want

Okay, so as a V-day present I declined jewelry. There was a time when I was into gemstones, but now I’m into yarn, so that’s what I’ve requested. I can have any yarn I want in whatever amount I want. :woohoo: I am being taken to San Francisco this weekend and will probably buy the yarn at a LYS there. If I don’t see anything I really like, I can always come back home and order it, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find myself seduced by touching and seeing great yarns in person.

I asked this on another forum and got many great opinions, but I can never have enough. Who knows when such an opportunity will come again? I feel so lucky and I want to make sure I get just the right yarn. I’m strongly inclined towards a merino silk blend, with the wool for elasticity and the silk for sheen. But if you could have any yarn you wanted, what would you get?

If I could buy ANY yarn I wanted in ANY amount, I’d buy Alchemy wool/solk blend, in about 6 colors, 2500 yards of each.

I don’t have any alchemy because it’s sooooooo expensive, I can’t bing myself to buy it and fall deeper in love with it.

Alchemy ranks pretty high on my possibility list. I’ve never actually tried any, either, because it is so expensive. I can’t wait until this weekend!

I’m wishing for silk yarn… Artyarns is my preference, but I know that’s not gonna be in my budget anytime soon :frowning: I wonder if I could try bribing my husband with this idea… Unfortunately the 4 skeins I need will run about $90…

I think I would pick out the perfect project/pattern … then go for the exact most wonderful yarn to make it with !

So smart move. I have a design in my head. I’m actually knitting it now in cheaper yarn. I want to buy the most beautiful yarn for this sweater.

But just in case I think I will ask for other yarn, too. Yarn, yarn, YARN!

OOOOO YAH!! Artyarn’s silk fingering weight or Sheifer Yarn’s Anne or Elaine and of course Mmmmmmmmmm :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:

You are soooooooooo lucky!!!

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

That’s such an awesome gift that I’ve never even THOUGHT about what I’d want in that situation…I think I’d have to go “feeling” for my present!

Lucky you! Have fun yarn shopping!!

I was just listening to the new web cast from stash and burn, they are from San Fran and mentioned a store they absolutely loved, where you could give yarn to and buy yarn from, sort of like a co-op type thing, and apparently the prices are great for some nice yarn.

If I had the chance to make a big yarn splurge, I’d probably go for Tilli Thomas Pure & Simple (mmmmm, so so so soft and luscious) or Karabella Breeze. :heart:

Has anyone ever tried the A-Maizing from SWTC? That one really intrigues me - and the fact that it says it’s machine washable and dryable REALLY makes it interesting. I think those would be things I’d like to try, but I have to confess I’m very low maintenance - if it has to be hand washed and laid flat to dry or dry cleaned, I pretty much have little to no interest. The hand washing I can handle, but no space to “lay flat to dry” :oops:

I know, I’m so shallow.

This is the yarn I got: 8 hanks of Alchemy Sanctuary in the Rainforest colorway and 2 in a coordinating color of KSH. I feel strangely unfulfilled. Why? It’s beautiful yarn and I’m really lucky to have gotten it.

It is beautiful! Maybe you’ll feel more fulfilled after you start knitting with it. :drool:

OMG that is gorgeous! that is one of those colourways that I wouldn’t usually get but when I do I love! please keep us updated on what u knit with it! :cheering:

:muah: Beautiful yarn :muah:

NORO Transitions! I knit a SAULSALITO JACKET using the Neutral Color Blends Transitions last year…and it was a dream to knit with. I find myself ‘petting’ the fluffy angora stripe when I am in church. It is soothing!
It was spendy…even for an Ebay purchase. I wish I could get more.
I am on yarn restriction this year…[color=blue]The Year of the Stash 2007![/color]

I have some Noro Transitions in that exact same color! I got it for a Poppy Sweater. Too many projects in my queue!

Anyway, I know what my problem was with the Alchemy. It wasn’t the color I was hoping for. I was looking for blue with green or gold overtones and I couldn’t find that, so I guess I was disappointed. But I just knit a swatch and, unlike what I usually find for handdyed yarn, it’s so much prettier knitted up than in the hank. Look at this swatch! And it’s a dream to knit, soft and springy. I think more and more springiness is the top rated factor for how good it feels to knit to me, even more than softness. What makes Karabella Aurora 8 so nice to knit, too.