i was picking up stiches on a purse i was knitting ladt night and it was real tight and i bent my cable to far and it broke!!! :crying: waiting for hobby lobby to open so i can replace it!!!

Now that sucks… :S

I gotta check at michaels in town (as HL is outta town) to see if they have replacement parts…

I’m sure I’ll do this eventually

Hrmmm :thinking:

OH NO! that is an emergency! they should be open 24 hours. LOL.
you are lucky tho that it’s before the holiday and not after when all the sales starts and people are PUSHING AND SHOVING. (man I hope I don’t hurt anyone) ROFL, jk. I don’t go to the sales any more.

so true!
i was kind of throwing together a small purse to go out tonight. my friend told me my purse had to match my outfit! :rollseyes: so iwas going to make one…

:shock: GAHH!! :shock:

they didn’t have any so i just bought one… some bamboo!! ooooo! :happydance: