I broke a Harmony needle

:waah: I was working on the computer yesterday and went to stand up. I put my hand down on the sofa to get a push off and heard a snap. I had put my hand down on my #5 Harmony needle tip and it broke just above the metal sleeve. I have a shawl on it and only have a crappy #5 metal circular from long ago.
Crossed Fingers I used Elmers wood glue on it as that was all I could find and then put it and the shawl away overnight. I’m procrastinating bringing it back out to the light of day to see if it works.
I just got an order from KP including my shawl yarn and hate to just order a replacement tip, but need to stop buying yarn.


Oh Plantgoddess I hear ya :cry: I hope the glue helps.

I on the other hand sat on my very thin number 2 cable needle. It was metal I just can’t believe that I did that I bent that sucker and it gave me a good scratch on my leg oh lets be real here it was my butt :roflhard::roflhard::roflhard:. Now that hurt. I wonder if KP would replace it. I bent that needle really bad.:passedout:

Again hope your needle is ok with the glue.


Oh, no! I hope the glue works.

Even if the glue holds I would order a new set as ASAP. You just never know when the glue will stop holding.

Ooh girl, that’s awful :frowning: I think, though, that even if the glue works, the needle tip won’t be nearly as smooth as before. And especially since you’re working on a shawl, you don’t want it to snag!

My vote is to use the metal 5s until you can get a new Harmony, or hibernate the shawl until… I’m sorry this happened to you, so unfortunate. I stepped on two of my brand new stitch markers the very first time I was using them… It sucks hardcore. Live and learn, I guess, right? :hair:

I one time was sitting up and put my hand down to help and broke a knitting needle. so I feel your pain. sorry.

I hope the glue works at least long enough to finish the shawl. :hug:

Oh how sad. So sorry for you :hug::hug:

I broke a #5 harmony needle as well, I was wondering what I coulds do with it. If you PM me your address I will put it in the mail to you tomorrow.

oh no :frowning: :hug: I hope you can mend it for the time being.

Sorry you broke the needle, but tgwillis does seem to have the answer for you!

I broke a pair of glasses once, getting off the sofa,that was a real pain as they made me go through the whole appointment thing.

how I slammed the sleeve of one of the sweaters I M working on in the car door, and the harmony tip was in the sleeve, and somehow it did NOT break. The tip will fall out of the cuff of the needle ever since I got it almost, but it has not broken from slamming in the door.
I am so sorry about your needle, it seems that you have a second on the way.
will we get to see your shawl when its done?
I lost my Digital camera, and cannot post pics till I find it
How does one afford to buy a new camera each time it gets misplaced?
how I wish I could afford not to ever answer that question