I bought a head and a body

Yesterday I lost my mind. I was walking down the street and went into a store and asked the lady if I could use one of her dummys to put my scarf on so I could take a photo of it. She let me. Then I walked a little further and saw a clothing store was closing, and I thought, I wonder if they have any dummys they want to sell or give away. I have checked online before for fun to see how much a body is and they are well over $100.00
Well I was in luck, the store owner said he had no use for his dummys anymore and gave me a body and head for $50.00 I said “Sold”

Wonderful! :thumbsup: :yay: When I saw you’d bought a head and body, I thought someone was playing Dr. Frankenstein! :roflhard:

Great job! Way to be proactive and not afraid of someone possibly saying no.

My mom always said she needed to replace her mind and keep her body (kind of like a vehicle that just needs a new engine), but now that she’s getting older, I guess she needs both replaced!!

You should have seen the dog when I brought it home. He thought there was a new family member:rofl:

OMG if I could get a new head and body for $50 I’d sure grab it. :woot:

Seems I’m stuck with the old one tho.

Please, give her a hat and scarf, she looks like she’s freezing! :wink:

I can hardly wait to see your FOs displayed on your new models.

I couldn’t imagine what this thread was about! :lol: Great deal though!

Well, you definitely woke me up this morning, BC before coffee. I was thinking it was one of those dummies women drive around with in the car so criminals think they’re not alone. I’m talking about the fake kind, not your husband.


Priceless! :yay:

Hmmmm…when my daughter needs an HOV positive dummy, she’ll call me to go to Seattle with her. That’s when her hubby isn’t available to go with her.

Still, it’s priceless. :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Hysterical :roflhard: