I barely started knitting to a pattern and

i taught myself how to knit like five or so years ago out of a book. i have never knitted to a pattern before, so i always just made useless sqaures. now my mom got me a book to make her dishcloths. it’s called “Leisure Arts Dishcloths by the Dozen.” the one i’m doing is called basket weave dishcloth on page twelve. i’m stuck on the slip part. can any one help???:?? :wall: it said to slip two stitches purlwise. i did and i came up short on my stitches. it tells mr when to turn, and there aren’t enough stitches on the needle to do that.

Need a little more information; how is it used on that row? If it’s just slip a stitch, all you do is move it from the left needle to the right without knitting into it.