I Back

Hi everyone :waving: I just wanted to check in to let you all know I’m still alive and although I have really bad moments every day I’m getting through it slowly. I miss Jerry so much and I hate the fact that the first thing I think of in the morning is that I’ve got to get through another day without him. I have to thank all of you, especially Sandy, Ellie, Robyn, Lu, Rita, Jeremy, Lauren and Judy, your emails and PMs really helped me during my bad periods. :grphug: :muah::grphug: :muah: :grphug: :muah: :grphug:

I’ve been away for a while because I’ve been dealing with the postmortem reality. Also I discovered last week that some SOB got a hold of Jerry’s MAC card number and made a forgery of it. So over the Labor Day weekend someone used it in Shore Bay, NY helping themselves to $406.12 of my money. Thankfully my bank has told me that the money will be back in my account tomorrow and that the card has been red flagged. I hope the A**holes try to use the card again. I’d love to be there when they catch the bastards.

I’ve also been away because my computer has been having her annual breakdown and I have to take her in for therapy. I was going to do it last week but I just didn’t have the time. I’m hoping to get her in tomorrow, if not, then maybe over the weekend.

I love you all :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

:muah: :hug:

Nadja :knitting:

I’m so glad to hear from you. Hang in there, you’re in our thoughts more than you know.:heart::hug:

Hang in there, Nadia. We missed you! :hug:

Nadja, I’m glad to hear your spirits seem to be up. Each day in this life is a battle, it seems, no matter what our circumstances. I keep you in prayer for strength, endurance, patience and peace!
Hopefully knitting will be good therapy…I know it is for me. I try to say a prayer with every stitch (as in the prayer shawl tradition) - not only for the one I am knitting, but for everyone in my heart who needs it. The Lord knows better than I what everyone’s need is, I only ask Him to comfort and continue to carry them through whatever they are going through.

:hug: It’s good to hear from you, Nadja! We’re all thinking of you. :muah:

Its good to hear from you. Hang in there, hon!

Good to see you post. We’ve all been thinking of you!!

So lovely to hear from you sweetheart, you have been missed. Take it a day at time and remember we are always here.


:hug:Glad to hear from you, Nadja.

I have been knitting almost non-stop. It’s the only thing that has kept me sane and kept me from smoking. I know that Jerry would not want me to smoke and I know he would feel bad if I did because he would blame himself for the stress that is giving me the cravings. So I just keep knitting.

:muah: :hug:
Nadja :knitting:

I’m so glad you’re back and doing well, Nadja. We are all thinking and praying for you. :hug:

:grphug: I am so glad you are back!

Good to see you back, Nadja. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Let your happy memories carry you through the sad times.

And remember------it is OK to cry.:hug:

It’s so good to “see” you on the board. I can’t imagine what things have been like for you. You’re in my thoughts and prayers!!


Nadja, I have been praying for you every day. I think of you every time I come to the KH site…

I will continue to pray. I know the healing will be a long process…

:hug::heart: hi nadja! positive sunshiney thoughts from me to you! :heart::hug:

Hi Nadja,

It is so great to hear from you! I, too, have been checking here and your blog, hoping you were doing as well as can be expected.

Us Philly girls want to take you out for a knit-nite whenever you are ready. You take all the time you need, of course, and let us know when you are ready for :grphug: and KH Philly-girl KIP.


Bless your big heart for updating us on how you’re getting along. I do hope your happy thoughts are somehow bringing some sunshine to your heart.
All I can say is that I, too, am thinking of you a lot…I hope each day gets easier for you. I will say a prayer to my dad to make sure Jerry is welcome…:heart:

:waving: Glad to see you on! Get that computer in good shape 'cause we miss you around here!

:hug: Nadja, nice to see you on here. I’m continually praying for you.