I attached both ends of my blanket! HELP

It seems I have attached the two ends of my blanket. I need help undoing the row! Also, if anyone has any idea on how I did this in the first place, please let me know so I can avoid it in the future! Thanks!

Looks like you went around instead of turning. You should only have to tink (knit backwards) half way around (looks like 16 stitches) until you get to where you should’ve turned.

To tink I wrap the yarn around a toe to keep tension on it so it pulls the stitch. The tensioned yarn opens the stitch you want the left needle to go into in the stitch loop below the stitch on the right needle. Then pull the stitch off the right needle.

You can use a finger instead of a toe but you have to keep pulling up the slack (I did not use my toe when I had to tink in the hospital waiting room :grinning: ). A helper to pull the yarn for you would be great.

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When knitting flat make sure your working yarn is coming from the left side of the work. If its not you need to turn.