I am trying to make something like this

Can anyone help me with a pattern that is similar to this flower pattern? I am completely stumped. I’ve tried so many techniques!


I think it looks like crochet.

ETA: I can’t find anything exactly like it. I’d try crocheting 2 circles in different colors and putting one on top of the other and see how close it is to what you want.

Hmmmm . . . that doesn’t look like crochet to me. It looks knitted–particularly the garter stitch followed by a row of knit/purl (maybe?). I’m not sure what the inside of the flower is. No doubt it’s some kind of increase.

The central motif on this crocheted flower looks similar to the one you posted (scroll down the photo A). You might try searching the Lionbrand site too. They’ve done lots of knit and crochet flowers over the past few years.

I agree, salmonmac. I think the middle looks like a bunch of stitches worked in an adjustable ring (magic circle). The outer edge looks like the chain left by crochet.

Yes, but between the inside increases and the outside single crochet (if that’s what they are), it looks like garter stitch. I don’t know of any crochet stitches that make that bumpy texture.

Perhaps it’s a combination of both.

Post stitches in crochet where you work around the post of the stitch in the previous row instead of into the stitch itself leave that type of bumpy ridge, so maybe that’s what it is.


MGM, if anyone knows without pulling out a crochet hook and trying it you will. Is it possible to use slip stitches to produce that purled effect? Just thinking about it I’m not at all sure it could be done and if so, just exactly how. My crochet is very rusty.

Yes, I think using slip stitches might also do it. I would be curious to pull out my yarn and hook and try to replicate this look just to see if I could do it! No time right now though…I sneak in here in between study sessions but school is my priority right now! I no one else comes up with a solution by summer, feel free to remind me and I’ll have time then to try and work it out!


I just worked up a swatch of this and it turned out pretty darn close. Here’s what I did: I did a chain 4 and then I did enough dc in first ch to make a circle, joining with a slip stitch to first “dc.” Then I switched to DPNs and picked up stitches in the top loops of all the dc. I then purled a row, knit a row, and purled a row. Then I knit one more row and bound off knitwise.

It looks pretty close, but the key is making sure you use large enough needles so that your flower doesn’t become a cup!