I am thinking of modifying a pattern! :o

OK, I like the good ole cabled scarf and Irish Hiking Scraf, and I have a certain yarn I want to use for it but only have 223 yards, where the patterns call for 350-400. I am thinking of combining the two patterns like this:

Like the good ole Cabled Scarf, I only want 1 cable down the middle but not the cable it has; I want the simple cable from the Irish Hiking Scarf. And then on the sides, I don’t know, but not too much because I want to conserve yarn and make it one of those thin-ish scarves.

Any other suggestions???

I would say, decide what kind of cable you want. Often a cable that is, say, 6 stitches wide will cable every 6th row, but this can be changed, it may give you a different look though. thats 3 st in front of the other 3, not 6 over 6.
I would choose my best pattern - cables are actually not that hard to work out - and swatch with one or two repeats, measure how much wool that will use, and decide what length of scarf you can get from the rest, and decide if that’s enough.
What is the yarn thickness/‘weight’? How wide do you want your scarf? Sorry to say you may simply not be able to get a long-enough scarf out of the wool you have, it’s possible you will have to go with a shorter scarf or buy some more wool (maybe in another colour if you can’t get any more of what you already have), even after you compromise to make the most of what you have.