I am stuck on a pattern...help

I am knitting the Bernat Handicrafter Cotton Market bag and am at the final stretch but I am completely lost as to what to do next.
I am done with the entire bag and now up to the part below:

Handles: With RS of work facing and smaller needles, pick up and knit 30 sts along side of bag. Cast on 45 sts (handle). 75 sts in total.
Knit 4 rows. Cast off knitwise (WS). Rep for other side. Sew end of each handle to Bag.

What does it mean to pick up and knit 30 stitches? Do I pick up and then turn around and do one row of knit? Plus I have no idea where I am picking up the stitches from??? Has anyone ever made this market bag? It’s a free pattern from Bernat.
Thx for helping.

Scroll down this page and watch the video on “Picking up stitches.” It’s hard to describe in words; seeing it will help.


Thank you for pointing out the video. It does help. I guess my main problem is I am not sure where I am suppose to pick up and knit on the item. Is there a way I can attach a picture so I can show you what I mean?

On your bag you have a cast on followed with 5 row of knitting, the main body of the bag (about 24 inches long) and then 5 rows of knitting and the cast off. Pick up the 30sts along one edge of the work so that the picked up sts go along the side edge (the 24 inch long edge) from the cast on to the cast off. This is really putting a gathered edging onto the side of the bag. Then do a cable or knit cast on of 45 more sts for the actual handle itself. Work the 4 rows and cast off. Repeat on the other edge.
There’s a video under Free Videos tab at the top of this page, Cast On, if you’d like to see the cast ons for the handle itself.

Also, if you’re on Ravelry, the Market Bag group has lots of helpful people :wink: