I am stuck - HELP

Maybe I am just having one of those days, but I thought this was supposed to be an easy pattern and I’ve done much harder, but can’t get past the foot row on this one

The row for shaping the feet just doesn’t come out right on 40 stitches am I missing something somewhere? Anybody made these that knows. Thanks, Sherry

[FONT=“Century Gothic”][SIZE=“4”][COLOR=“Red”]Hi Sherry,
Well, I think I’ve figured it out. The pattern is just badly punctuated at that point. It says this:
Shape Feet:
K4 (K3 tog) 4 times. K8 (K3 tog) 4 times, K4 - 24 sts

What it SHOULD say is this:
K4. Then K3tog 4 times (that makes a total of 8 stitches so far).
K8. Then K3tog 4 times again. (that makes a total of 20 stitches now).
K4. (that makes a grand total of 24 stitches).

What is happening is you are really pulling together tons of stitches in a small space every time you knit 3 stitches together, creating only 1 new stitch on the other needle.

Does that work for you?[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

oh, that is cute!

:cheering: Thanks so much, I have looked at this every way, but that way, Knitted, ripped, knitted, ripped, thought I’d lost my mind…lol. Thanks again. Sherry:knitting:

You’re very welcome! Yah, it took me some head scratching, myself. LOL!