I am so ready to do some ME knitting!

but I have to finish this baby afghan that I am working on, which is due a week from Saturday. It looks like maybe another 10 inches will do it, once I changed needles it went faster, so maybe will finish today and tomorrow.

But then oh what to work on! My socks? My noro sweater that is half done? A booga bag for me??? A scarf for me??? OH OH OH so many decisions!

If I were smart I would start on the slippers for the boys, I suppose!

I completely understand! If I were you I would go with the sweater.

I think I may start a shawl or something that I already have the yanr for, and of course I will be doing alot of spinning…when I am done with my Christmas gifts, that is.

i feel horrible now…i’m knitting all for myself!!! i’m almost done my bag, and my yarn order for my orange hourglass sweater just shipped today, it’ll get here just in time!! btw, i love knitpicks!
although i do feel a little better because i went to the library today and found some really great afghan books (i’m thinking Christmas 2006 already, only b/c I know how slow I am!) so at least the thought is there for other people!
Although the cutest pattern in the book is a baby blanket with fuzzy little sheep on it!! Adorable…but I don’t have any babies…and if I start working on it, I think my husband will get a little nervous!!

I went to the LYS today- a friend had given me $50 for Christmas, with the instructions to spend it at the LYS, on yarn for ME- no projects for anyone else. I had to keep steering myself back- I’d find myself looking at some yarn and thinking "ooooo, I could knit something for the boys with this, or for my sister with this- etc…) I ended up with some baby alpaca for mittens, 2 skeins of karaoke for the clapotis that I will knit someday, and a skein of funky novelty yarn to knit with the funky novelty yarn that my 6yr old picked out for my for Christmas. :cheering:

I got $50.00 too for Christmas and I think I stretched it pretty good–I went to Michaels today and spent $31.00 (the cheapest I’ve EVER gotten outta there…). I bought three skeins of something fuzzy that was onsale–moda something or rather (isn’t that awful–I don’t know what I bought), two skeins of cheap acrylic that I’m using for ipod socks for my neice, three balls of cotton tots (2 oz balls) to use for something (I just liked them) and the lion brand “just hats” book (b/c it has some of the cutest damn hats I’ve ever seen). I can’t believe I got all of that for $30.00–then someone just gave me a coupon code for Joann’s so I bought a yarn winder for 50% off! All in all, I went over my Christmas money but only by $6.00! I think I did pretty good!!

Don’t feel bad…I haven’t knitted anything for myself yet…ever…I do have some Noro hidden in the closet for a booga bag though…

I’m jumping on the bandwagon! With the season of love and giving nearly over, I plan on just knitting for myself or haphazardly for others throughout the year. I dont think I can go a whole year knitting just for me. Next year I dont know if I’m going to craft anyone anything for any reason unless I absolutely feel compelled.

That being said, I’m so glad to be able to start my clogs soon. I HAVE to finish sewing my mom’s wrap pants first though. :blush:

About 6 more inches to the afghan and I can cast it off, give it a wash, and gitterdone! Although the girl I am giving it to has 3 dogs…LOL. There were a few rows in there, earlier in the week, where I honestly was ready to chuck the stupid thing. Stupid freakin babydreams cheapy yarn! LOL!

I am thinking I will work on Noro sweater at home, and Noro booga bag at swim meets (when I need mindless drivel to knit). Yeah! Thats a plan! Although my one sock is almost done and I should do the next before I forget! And a new scarf or too…