I am so proud of myself

I have learned so much here with the videos and forums. I have come to love knitting in just the last month of so – I am a beginner.

I have been working on a scarf that is long and a K3P3 rib. Last night I was working on it and knitting in the 3rd of 4 colors, about 70% done with the entire thing when I realized, about 5 rows later, that I had knit 2 rows the same – it looked awful and had to be fixed, but I really didn’t know what to do, or if I even wanted to attempt to fix it :doh: …

But I knew I needed to try and it is a gift, so it can’t have this ugly mistake in it, so I pulled out my trusty books and looked for the solution. Like I said, I am new to knitting and wasn’t sure what to do. I realized that what I had to do was insert a needle into the row before the mistake and unravel it to there and start over. I was SO SCARED! :shock: My DH was sitting there and giving me moral support that I could do it.

So I inserted the needle and unraveled and it worked perfectly! I did the same thing as this video on here. It worked! :yay:

This may not seem like a big deal to many of you, but to me it was and gave me the confidence that I can do more with my knitting :knitting:

The other day at my LYS I bought double pointed needles to attempt some socks and a circular needle to attempt knitting in the round hats for my girls – I have the confidence that I can do them now :thumbsup:

I just wanted to share!

Congrats :slight_smile: I think we were probably all scared the first time we pulled our needles out of the work and started unraveling, I know I was terrified :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup right there with you. I still remember that day I had to rip out. I had to change my cloths that day I was so wet from being scared. I didn’t put in a needle I just ripped. Then had to put the stitches back onto the needle again. I was so scared but when I was done I felt that I could do anything :woot:So congrat on ripping and doing it right.:thumbsup:


That still scares me. :rofl:

One good habit for something long or large is to use a lifeline. It can save you sometimes.

Congrats :cheering:

I get nervous every time I have to correct my mistakes… and there are sooooooooo many :gah: For some if they aren’t too obvious I just leave them alone but others… Just have to frogged.

I don’t remember seeing that video you spoke of and at present can’t view it but I will very soon.


Yay, good for you! Once you’ve done something it’s not so scary, is it…?

mommydearest, the video is on this page under Fixing Mistakes http://www.knittinghelp.com/videos/knitting-tips

Good for you! You’ve got control over your knitting and that makes YOU the master, not your yarn!! WEEEEEEE!

:woot: Congrats!!!

I think this is a very big deal! Congrats to you!

I think thats great!:cheering: .

Congrats! :happydance::yay::woot:

I’m going to watch that video. Everytime I make a mistake I frog the whole thing and start over.

:yay: :cheering: :happydance: ! Now nothing will scare you and you can knit ANYTHING. After all, the worst that happens is you make a mistake, fix it and go right on!

This is a huge deal! Uber-congratulations! Every time I try a new technique I feel this way all over again!

Good for you another knitting skill set tackled and overcome.