I am so lost with my pattern. Please help!

I can’t figure out for the life of me what I am supposed to do next in this pattern. I am making a pair of trousers for a stuffed bear. I started by knitting one leg and putting that off onto a spare needle. I knitted the second leg and now I’m up to the part where I’m supposed to cast on additional stitches and across. I’m really confused as to how I get the other pant leg on and exactly what is meant by work across.

Hi and welcome!
Knit across the second leg, the one you’ve just been working on, then cast on 2sts for the join. Here’s how to cast on in the middle of a row:

You can actually use the backwards loop here since it’s only 2sts. Once the sts are cast on, start knitting across leg one, the leg on the spare needle or holder.

Thank you so much for your reply and the video! I’m going to make an attempt and let you know how it goes! Thank you so very much.

Good luck with it and come back if it’s still a problem. I love the idea of pants for teddy. Maybe we’ll get to see a photo?

Absolutely! I will upload them when I am finished. It looks like the pattern also calls for a sweater! I’ll be making that next.

So just to confirm - I should cast on the 2 stitches on the live needle and continue knitting or break the yarn after casting on the 2 stitches and begin work on the spare needle. I now understand the technique for casting on additional stitches. It’s a little confusing when it mentions working across 28 stitches when 15 are on a live needle and 13 on a spare.

I think I may have figured it out! I’m going to do it now and tell you if I’m right!

You won’t have to break the yarn. After you knit across the 13 sts, cast on 2 sts by the thumb loop method. the yarn is coming off the end of the needle and the needle is in your right hand. Now take up the spare needle or holder with the first leg in your left hand and knit across 13sts on that first leg. You’ll end up with 28sts on the needle ready to purl the next row.
You can do this without breaking the yarn and giving yourself extra ends to weave in.

Enjoy finishing up and going on to the sweater. This all sounds adorable.

Thank you so much! So here is a picture of my work in progress.

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That looks right. I love the stripes, very stylish teddy!

Hi I’m back!!! Thanks so much for your help! The trousers came out great!