I am SO happy!

Last night I was finishing a sock, and my DD asked if I would help her knit, so I said Sure as soon as I’m done with this! So when I was finished I cast on and knit the first row myself and showed her what to do. She kinda sat in my lap, and I helped her hold the needles, and she knit her first 2 rows EVER! Oh I’m so tickled! I hope she wants to do a little every day so she’ll get the hang of it quickly…I was surprised how well she caught on last night, even though I was holding the needles too, she did really well! :happydance:

AWWWWWWWWWW! :cheering: I love to knit with my niece. SO sweet! How old is DD?

How wonderful! It really is a great thing to pass on to your kids!!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:
That’s wonderful! My DD says she wants to knit, spends about 15 minutes and leaves it for weeks. :verysad: I hope yours stays with it! How old is she?

She turned 5 in May :smiley:

That is such a great story and it’s wonderful she wants to knit. My oldest granddaughter is 4 and tells me she wants to knit but her attention span isn’t there yet.

:heart: :heart: That is great … Its fun to be able to teach them to knit, she will have such wonderful memories of this when she gets older. I just started teaching my DD (6) to knit last month … she is doing a great job.


It’s such a great feeling when they want to share your hobby! I keep my daughters knitting in my bag so that when she wants to knit it is right there waiting for her. I know (because it is so addicting :wink: ) that once it really clicks for her she is going to knit more and more so right now it is just a waiting game for me. So if your kids knit on again and off again, at least they are knitting! :thumbsup:

It is so cute when a little one works on her(or his) knitting!

That is wonderful!! I wish one of my daughters wanted to knit, but NO WAY, they don’t mind asking for things at all, but have no interest in learning.

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

I’ve taught all my older kids how to crochet, and one of my daughters how to knit. I’m in the process of teaching my neice how to crochet, and she’ll be graduating to knitting before she goes home at the end of August.

I’m in the process of teaching 2 of my granddaughters(14 & 8) now. The older one is a natural knitter, :happydance: , her younger sister is having problems though, she’s over thinking it. The same problem I had for years, but I’m starting her on the knifty knitter looms. That way I can get her to relax about it a little, she can be so serious for her age, God bless her little pea picking heart.
Becca, I hope your DD enjoys a lifetime of happy knitting with you.


I can’t wait for my neice to get older so I can teacher her to knit! :happydance: