I am SO excited! (pet thread)

I have been wanting a Ball Python since forever, and got my kids into it about a year ago. I’d eventually like to breed my own lines, I find the whole thing fascinating.

Well, I got a check for some knitwork I did, talked to my husband, and I am in the process of getting a Heterozygous Albino Ball Python! I was going to just get a Normal Ball Python, but decided to go ahead and spend a little extra, get a Het female next year, and then in a couple years breed some Albino babies for my daughters. (Those are their favorite, but no way am I paying 1200.00 :open_mouth: )

I’ve got his environment all set up and waiting for him. I feel like a kid at Christmas, even though I know he won’t come until next week. I’m already looking at racks in anticipation of more awesome babies!

:shock: :passedout:

:shock::passedout: and add::shrug::??:think: Don’t understand… Puppy,lizard?:thud::noway:
When you get it I will be over here… Far… far … far away…


I am glad you are so excited about getting a snake. Please make sure it stays in your house!!! :thumbsup:

I think its cool!!! you sound like you know a lot about snakes and how to care for them. I bet it will have a great home. maybe I’m the only one that will want to see pictures when it arrives!!! :slight_smile:

There’s a mystery series about a lawyer turned pet sitter where one of her clients has a ball python. I’d have no idea what you were talking abut otherwise. Cool!

I echo that!!!

Please keep your snake at YOUR HOUSE:out:

LOVELY!! Snakes are very cool!

I’ve wanted a python for years and years and years. can’t handle the thought of feeding them though (I don’t have a problem with it in the wild, but me doing it is a different story), but I’m so happy for you! I would LOVE to see pics when you get him. :woot: :woot:

I’d love to see pics of your new addition when it gets there! An albino python is one of the pets here in the high school science dept. The kids actually fight over who’s going to get to hold it. They also have spiders, rats, guinea pigs and a few other snakes.

Feeding them isn’t really a huge deal. I plan on frozen/thawed feeding, meaning I have a big bag of frozen rats, and I will thaw one out, hit it was a blow dryer to make it warm, and then give it to him. If I had to keep mice and feed live it would be rather off-putting.

My guy is a Heterozygous Albino, so he looks like a Normal ball python. However, when he mates with a female Het Albino, they make yellow babies. Pretty neat! I figure we’ll have a baby albino (or a few of them) to give Joanna for her 10th birthday…and the kids will have helped and learned all about breeding and genetics along the way.

you’re gonna LOVE it!!!
there’s nothing like walking around with a big snake around your neck (in front of other people, of course) knowing that most people would have a problem with doing that themselves. that’s one of those times when it feels extremely cool to be in the minority. :teehee:

feeding it is not too much of a problem if the “feed” is already dead. you can just put it in the cage and walk away.

watch out that this doesn’t turn into an addiction. when my dad got his first job teaching middle school science, he wasn’t really a snake person. then something happened and all of a sudden there were tons (and i mean TONS!) of snakes, lizards, bearded dragons :yay:, and even some frogs lining the counters and stacked up on really tall rolling shelves. it was insane, but it was SOOO great! he was the coolest teacher they had ever had. the only bad thing was that his classroom didn’t smell so great. he kept all the cages clean and even had the responsibilities rotating among the students (who loved it). but it still had a destinct smell. it didn’t stink, it just smelled different from all the other classrooms. he’s back in the classroom now at a different school, and i think mom has told him that he can’t do that again. goodness knows why… :roflhard:

My only concern/suggestion is to make sure you have homes or can take care of all the babies properly. There are so many pets that die every year, even when people start out with the best intentions. :heart:

Mind you I know nothing of ball python genetics, but let’s see if I am understanding you correctly.

Your male is heterozygous albino. You said he looks like a normal python. Is albino in these guys on one locus only? Then albinos are recessive, correct? That means if you get a het albino female to breed, you will have 25% normal pythons, 50% het albino and 25% true albino (yellows). That’s the basic mendelian breakdown.

But, we all know mother nature doesn’t always follow the rules. So, if my understanding is correct, please be aware that there is a very good chance that you will get no albino (yellow) pythons in that particular breeding. My recommendation is to get homes lined up for the normals ahead of breeding.

Of course, if this trait is not a simple recessive then it may not be that simple.

Well, to each his/her own.

Regardless, it’s always exciting to bring home a new pet!

My son has two rats, and they gross people out completely. One of the gals at work is rat-sitting this weekend. She has some kind of snake at her house, but he’s in lockdown while he sheds his skin. Thank goodness cause she has my dd’s rabbit too!

That’s pretty cool that you are getting a python. When my brother and I were younger my mom wouldn’t let us have a dog (dad was deployed with the Navy) so we had an assortment of rabbits, hamsters, fish, and then somehow we talked her into a snake. Mind you ours was a little texas garter that ate fish, but he was still cool. I always wanted an iguana, but after the snake found its way out of the terarium and into her bathroom reptiles were out of the question. In fact they decided to let us have a puppy !!

Best of luck


It is so exciting to bring home a new pet. I’ve heard that ball pythons can be interested in you and somewhat affectionate; is that true?

Just curious, but do you prefer the heterozygous albino over the normal because of looks, or is there a difference in temperament? (can you tell I know nothing :mrgreen: )

Good to hear you can feed them frozen food. That’s why I could never have most kinds of snakes for a pet, because I’d make pets of its food. :oo: It just wouldn’t work out.

Yay for snakes :slight_smile: I have a little tiny corn snake, he’s nearly a year old now but still quite small, and has a lovely temperament. I was worried about the feeding too, but it’s worked out ok. Because, here in the uk, live feeding is illegal, all food is frozen for snakes. He’s on two pinkies atm, and I think it’ll actually get easier for me when it’s full size mice, cause pinkies still upset me, but I just say a ‘thank you for your sacrifice’ when I thaw them.

Be sure to post pics when you get them :wink:
Fi xxx

They can be, especially if you handle them a lot. It is important to remember that they are still an animal, especially when you are feeding them. :wink:

I want a Heterozygous Albino because I can’t afford an actual Albino. Heterozygous looks like a regular Normal, but carries the gene. When you mate two Hets together they will have some Albino babies. There isn’t a difference in temperament.

Your male is heterozygous albino. You said he looks like a normal python. Is albino in these guys on one locus only? Then albinos are recessive, correct? That means if you get a het albino female to breed, you will have 25% normal pythons, 50% het albino and 25% true albino (yellows). That’s the basic mendelian breakdown.
Yep, that is right. Sometimes people get unlucky and don’t get one til their second clutch, some people get lots of them. That’s part of the fun! I’m already planning on getting my girl when I finish the next sweater for my NY lady I knit for. Then I’ll just have to wait til they are old enough to get it on. lol.

This guy has the best site! His pictures are great, and his genetic information is very informative. http://ballpython.ca/

I’ll definitely post pictures when I get him. Amazon already shipped my thermostat and under tank heater, so tomorrow we are drilling holes in the container and getting the humidity and temps right, then I will give the go ahead to ship! :woohoo:(If you think I am geeked out, you should here my kids go on and on about him. :heart: )