I am physically unable to ignore clearance yarn

I can’t be the only one, right?

I went to Michaels yesterday with the intention of picking up a couple more balls of SWS as it was on sale and was calling me to make an entrelac bag. (Am I the only one who hears yarn whisper to me? :mrgreen:)

Anyhoooo, as I’m heading back up to the register, I notice an end cap of Lion Wool and almost every color is clearanced out for $1. ONE DOLLAR??? Ok, novelty yarn I can ignore, but not this! I could see felted slippers and bags dancing before my eyes as I grabbed up some purple, red, orange, teal, sage green and navy! sigh I really don’t neeeeed all of that yarn, but it was such a good deal.

So, now all of you run out to your local Michaels and buy it all up so I’m not the only one with a ridiculous amount of random yarn in her trunk :lol:

Now, I should probably add that it was only on clearance at one of our locations here in town because when I went over to the other Michaels, it was full price. I realize that qualifies as yarn stalking and not an impulse purchase, but I really [I]needed[/I] more of that dark teal color :teehee:

Oh you’re not alone, not by a long shot. Actually I’m a sucker for anything marked Clearance. I hit the Clearance aisle at Hobby Lobby and could be there for hours. Anyone who’s with me just groans and tries to keep themselves amused because I won’t be paying attention to anything else except trying to find the BEST bargain in the world!!! Same at the fabric store and the mall.

I have a serious ‘frugal’ streak. It doesn’t stop me from buying, but it does stop me from paying full price. Phew!

Nope. right there with ya. We’re all enablers here:teehee:

Not only am I sucker for clearance but for sales. I just got some Lion Brand Microspun yarn at AC Moores for $1.87/skein. I love the way it works up and softness and the same with their woolese. I have hidden my recent purchases from my hubby.:cheering:
I am using the woolese for Christmas gifts right now but the microspun is for the future…:wink:

ummm are you following me?! :shifty:

I can’t escape the siren’s call of the sale bin. :zombie:

Somebody save me!!! :teehee:

(I even found 3 of one lot of lion wool in pretty, blue/ green colors! $1 each!)

Whispers? You’re kidding right? Sale yarn SHOUTS at me. Last week I went to a LYS that is closing (the service was never friendly so I am not really sorry to see them go). I managed to buy 3 different types of yarn and only one of which has a pattern already in mind. Then, some white merino (Laines Du Nord Korall) from Webs wanted to come to my house. So it did. Must stop shopping now and start knitting.

In my defense, I did finish a toddler-sized 1824 Blouson, a toddler hat, and Juliet (from Zephyr style) last week.


I’m so glad I can share this affliction with others :mrgreen:

mathwizard, the regular sales get me in the worst way too! I didn’t neeeeed any Patons SWS, but I wanted to make a felted entrelac bag so off I went last week to Michaels. I also didn’t neeeeed any Patons Merino in the immediate future, but when good basic felting wool is on sale, I feel it is my duty to purchase it! In multiple colors! Honestly, I’ve only been knitting for 7 months and have enough of a wool stash stored up exclusively for felting to make at least 10 bags and 5 pairs of slippers/clogs. ([I]And this was before my Lion Wool Clearance binge[/I]!)

I don’t think I could ever find enough places to carry all these bags that I’m destined to make :teehee:

I’m a yarn sale addict! I can’t pass one up either. Makes no difference if I have…ummmm…10 FULL 45 quart boxes of yarn…plus a whole bunch of BIG bags…plus a few LARGE baskets full of yarn, and 16 skeins of 100purewool yarn that I bought from the co-op…and NO HOPE of EVER knitting up all of that yarn in my lifetime…


I totally understand.
Sale yarn is my kryptonite.
No matter how ugly the yarn is, if it’s under $1, I’ll most likely buy it. This, of course, leaves me with multiple balls of day-glo fun fur.
It seemed like such a good idea at the time… :teehee:

Ok, look at it this way… we are just ‘adopting’ the yarn that was so UNWANTED that it was put on clearance sale. :grphug:

I was in AC Moore yesterday and found out Lion Brand is discontinuing some of the microspun yarn colors and you know I bought all the ones that they had. I came home with 2 coffee, 3 lavender in addition to the 6 I bought the day before. I plan on making a tie and some socks with some of it and I got a free pattern for a really nice top that will work up nice with that yarn. So much yarn and it seems so little time. Buying yarn is better than eating food and I won’t gain weight. I look at it as dieting at the moment and I really need to loose weight, lol:yay::cheering::woohoo::muah:

I have some Neon green and some really awfull black/white and black/red that found it’s way into my trunk that way.

i went to Michaels yesterday because they advertised yarn on sale for $1 each. I couldn’t NOT go.

All the yarn was funky eyelash stuff… I don’t care for it even at a $1 each. But you know, since I was THERE… and they might have other yarn on sale in the actual yarn department…

Well, I ended up buying 3 skeins of Patons SWS that I’ve been eyeballing for some time, and 3 skeins of Cotton Ease. None of it on sale.

They got me. Yup.