I am overjoyed

I just met one of my dad’s friends today. She said that her mother had taught her how to knit, but after she died, she just forgot. This woman also has a 14- year old daughter, same age as me.
OK, so she wants me to go to their house to teach them. She has all the needles, yarn, supplies, EVERYTHING! But nothing to do with them. So she said they might have me over one day, I will instruct them, and then we could go to the movies and play on the trampoline or something. (Ok that was random.) But anyways, she says she has really nice supplies and-- EXPENSIVE YARN!!! That she might give to me because she has no use for it!!! Hoooorayy!!!


Very cool :thumbsup:

awesome–that sounds like a lot of fun!!!

How awesome to teach the kids how to knit~!! That would be a great experience and with those lovely "designer’ yarns~ it could be like a little piece of heaven on earth~! :happydance:

Never turn down free yarn.


That’s awesome! :cheering:

BTW, you are a pretty little thing!