I am now EMPLOYED!

And the BEST part?

I dont have to leave my house to work! Or get dressed!

Ive been playing a game with my kids for 2 years, and Monday I started my first day of work for them. They asked me last week out of the blue, and hired me Friday!

Im a CS/Tech Support rep for http://www.gopetslive.com

How fun! I get paid to pretty much help other players play the game!

So now I REALLY dont feel bad for buying yarn. :roflhard: Shoot, I can even knit while I work, if I dont have any tickets in the queue. :woot:

I just had to share. Im so excited, and DH loves it too!

That is so awesome!!! Sounds like a fun job!

Yay! I recently became employed as well. However, I have to leave my house to work and I’m typing this sitting at my computer. :frowning:

That is so cool! Congrats! :cheering:

Hooray!!! Congratulations!! :happydance:


Way to go! Keep up the good work.

That’s awesome!! Congratulations!

How cool!
I want that job.
If only I knew something about video games.
Does playing Tetris and Super Mario Bros. in junior high twenty years ago count?

Congratulations! Sounds like the perfect job. :mrgreen: