I am not having a good knitting day

I just realized I was purling wrong this whole time :wall: I have been wrapping the yarn clockwise not counter :verysad:

:frowning: i so sorry… :crying: :crying: very, very sorry

You poor thing. You poor poor thing.


i just had a weird moment of panic trying to remember how i wrap mine. but now i wanna know what it looks like when you do that, because in my mind it looks like a knit stitch…hrmmm…off to experiment…

It looks exactlly like a purl stitch! That is why it never dawned no me that it was wrong. I mean the anatomy looks the same, there is the whole “turtleneck” thing! When I did St st it looked right (from the pictures I saw anyway!)

Sounds like you’ve been doing Combined knitting and purling. This is an accepted method that some people swear by, so don’t kick yourself! But check out the videos on it (knit and purl pages), so you’re aware of the challenges if you want to consider still doing it this way.

I just watched that episode of our Marnie on Knitty Gritty this weekend, and it looks like she knits this way! Lots of folks do.


I just watched Knitty Gritty w/ Jenna Adorno. Is that the one your talking about Amy? :?? Was Marnie on there and ekgheiy didn’t know it?? :oops:

The episode Marnie was on is a rerun; the theme was “The 80’s”, she had a lacey half-shirt, and a cool pair of legwarmers. It’s re-airing late this month (May 25th I think).

She was awesome on the show!! Cool to see her “in person” sort of!

Holy Saint Knitter! I was doing that! Well, I am cooler than I thought!