I am NOT amused!

have to admit, I am NOT enjoying my current knitting project. The pattern is not appropriate for cirular needles, and had I been a more experienced knitter, I wouldn’t have chosen them (well, now I am a more experienced knitter!). I was constantly slowed down by having to tie knots to change yarns, and the back is a mess. Plus by stitch numbers were always off, even tho I left markers and checked them regularly (how can you lose stitches on circular needles?) In addition, when I did a swatch and got a gauge, it was different than the pattern called for. So I made adjustments. Well, doncha know that now that I’ve knitted about half of it, I checked the gauge and it’s right on the money, so the sweater may be too small!

To make matters worse, the yarn I am using stinks. It’s Berroco Quest, and I would expect much, much more from such an expensive yarn. But it unravels and fuzzes up so easily, and is slippery and either falls off the needle or becomes unknotted.

Thanks for letting me vent.

Hey, how do you do necklines and armholes on circulars anyway?

(pictures are on my blog).



/comfort Carie…

Have a nice long steamy shower and let all of this knitting frustration flush out of your brain. When you start thinking about your knitting project again, it will be clearer and you can get back at it again with a fresh angle.

Yes, that would help. I like seeing it taking form, but the stuff is hard to work with. I guess the titles “Knitting w/o Tears” and SnB really apply here!

Thanks for your words of consolation!


I can see why you are going crazy, you poor thing. You are making to much work for yourself. If you really HAD to knit this thing in the round, I would have recommended 3 balls of yarn. #1 & #3 in the main color and #2 for the inset triangle. Knit with ball #1 from start of round to inset; work inset with #2; knit with #3 for the remainer of the front and the back. When you reach the arms you will have to work back and forth. Of course, by this time you will be down to a single yarn so no worries. I knit back and forth on circulars all the time. I find the ends of straight needles drive me crazy and throw me off balance. Silly, huh? However I do enjoy double points. Take a deep breathe and carry on. Oh, be sure to post your review of that yarn at Knitters Review. And one final tip, google to the site that illustrates the 'Russian Join". No more knots and it’s the absolute best join for any yarn (unnessary for 100% wool).[/b][/u]

Terri, that’s really helpful. I thought about 3 separate bobbins of yarn, but thought I’d have to knit back and forth. I guess for the main color, since it would be two bobbins, I wouldn’t have to, would I?

Well, I treat every project as a learning experience. This is a big one.

And thanks to input from people like you, I get to cut a few corners on the learning curve.


I’ve been on knittersreview.com, and it seems like all the reviews are written by the webmasters. No? I put a review of the yarn on wiseneedle.com.



my mistake; the instructions I gave you were unclear, my mind was on hold or something. If you knit in the round, you will have to use THREE balls of yarn. To use 2 balls only would require you to strand the main color behind the inset triangle. So this is how it should have read: #1 main color, k from beginning of round to inset; #2 2nd color, k inset, #3 main color, k remainder of front and all of the back to the begiinning of the round. Also, I don’t use bobbins (I hate them). I just use seperate balls.
By the by, why do you dislike knitting back and forth?


ps: Maybe I was thinking of wiseneedle.

I’m returning to knitting after a long, long time. A long long time ago I don’t remember ever hearing of such as thing as circular needles. I spoke to people in my LYS, and read stuff on line, and most people love using them, so I decided to give them a whirl :slight_smile: . But I picked the wrong pattern to do it with.

Even with 3 balls of yarn, I think you still have to end up knitting backwards, or drag your yarn over to the next spot on the sweater that you need it, b/c you’re only going in one direction.

So it goes. I’m seeing a light at the end of the tunnel on this project, and promised myself something much more fun (and on straight needles!) for my next project.