I am NOT alone!

I just finished watching today’s knitty gritty. The guest on the show purls just like I do with my funky left handed throwing style. I am not a freak! HA HA HA. Okay, well maybe I am. But I’m not the ONLY freak!

i watched that today too! it looked funky! but still faster than holding the yarn in your right hand, i think!

how I wish I got the DIY channel!!! I wish I could see it to compare it to my purling method… it’s a weird continental but still throwing the yarn kind of maneuver. :teehee:

Vicki Howell even said something about it! I suck at conti knitting and tried throwing conti and couldn’t do it either. Oh well, I’m an English thrower.

Yeah Carmen is not alone :cheering:

I have it on my Tivo so I’ll have to pay attention when I watch it.

I am an English Thrower too and proud of it :cheering:

:hug: Sharon

whats throwing?
I don’t purl like in the videos on this site, I find it feels odd lol. I hold the yarn down below the needles in front between my thumb and index finger of my left hand. I find it really hard though when I do ribbing though seeing as I have to keep changing how I am holding it…

Well I hold my needle under my right arm pit. Then with the other needle in the other hand I throw the wool over. Instead of holding it on my fingers so neaty like some.

Do you know what I mean sounds wrong now I have typed it. Do you get the Gist? :teehee:

:hug: Sharon

I have visions of people hurling balls of yarn across the room hehehe :teehee:

This is EXACTLY what I am talking about. That is how I purl also, and until I saw the show yesterday had never seen anyone else do it. But even by husband comments how fast I can purl this way. But you’re right, doing ribbing slows me down. I think if I had to something that was all ribbed, I’d have to learn an alternate method.

No thats just when I have a strop!!! :roflhard:

:hug: Sharon