I am not a quitter, I am not a quitter, I am not a quitter

Or so I keep telling myself.

So, i’m cleaning my room. And I find this baby sock pattern from a magazine from 2 years ago with free yarn that i got from a magazine. So i thought Ok i’ve got nothing better to do, why not?

So, i find the DPNs i tried knitting socks with 2 years ago. I cast on 48 stitches evenly on 3 needles. That makes 16 each right? Great. I cast on one extra so i can knit that together with the stitch on the other needle to join in round. great. i purl one round. Great. Then i count my stitches. I end up having either one stitch less or one stitch more or i end up dropping my stitches! This is hair pull out time!! Gah!!!

And…breathe - rant over. Ok what am i doing wrong?

Some people find it easier to CO to a straight needle, work one row flat then join in the round. Helps prevent twisting and dropping of sts on that 1st go around.

I find that when I’m purling on dpns, it’s easy to get an extra stitch. You’re not doing anything wrong that we can pinpoint, but the first few rounds on dpns can be difficult and just need added attention to each stitch.

Once you get a few rounds done, it should go a lot easier. Hang in there!

Thank you ingrid…but now i’ve succeeded in doing one round I’m confused by what i am meant do on the next round - ugh

What’s the next instruction?

check out the how to section x

Umm…most people are not going to hunt down another post and then have to go yet some where else to find the info. If you want help you need to give us the info we need to help you. :shrug:

Huh? :?? What’s that?

Oh! I thought I’d missed a link or attachment or something and that was part of it. Thanks, Jan!

i think I did it :slight_smile: